Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Lookalike Bodybuilder Posing Alongside Arnold Classic Champ Breaks the Internet

Published 05/15/2024, 6:45 AM EDT

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Each passing day brings something crazy to the internet, and this time it is a collaboration no one would have thought about it. The current Arnold Classic Champion, Wesley Vissers has been on a hot roll since the beginning of this year. After winning both the Ohio and UK editions of the event, Vissers has collaborated with many bigwigs from the industry. But his most recent collaboration has gotten fans excited. 

The German bodybuilder and Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike, Johny Münster, who recently switched from natural to PEDs, met the Dutch Oak recently. Both the athletes met and posed together in a frame. It seemed that the two were engaged in a friendly competition, trying to outdo each other in the posing showdown.

Münster gives tough competition to the Dutch Oak 


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Münster recently posted a video on his Instagram account, tagging the current Arnold Classic Champion and doing a few striking poses together. The duo started with the classic front double-bicep pose, flexing their enormous biceps with a small waist. Despite being a new PED user, Münster did give some tough competition to Vissers. 


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Both the bodybuilders flaunted their abs with the vacuum pose. Then they moved to the three-quarter back bicep pose and flexed their gigantic backs. The duo also showcased the single-hand mantis pose, flexing their biceps, with the striations on their chest were easily noticeable. Both bodybuilders then flexed the other bicep, and the striations on the Dutch Oak’s lats made him look ready for his upcoming Olympia championship.


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The German and Dutch bodybuilders ended their pose routine with a side chest pose, and anyone could easily spot the separation lines on their bodies. Münster captioned the post “Next Mr. Olympia?” This year, the Mr. Olympia will have a fierce battle for the crown between the Dutch Oak and Chris Bumstead, the five-time Mr. Olympia. After witnessing the posing routine, fans showcased high hopes for the German bodybuilder.

Fans want the young bodybuilder to compete soon

A fan compared the German bodybuilder’s muscle size to the Dutch bodybuilder and commented, “I never thought Johnny could look small.” Another bodybuilding fan commented on Münster‘s genetics and wrote, “The fact you just recently hop on a juice is just showing how great your genetics are standing next to Wesley and looking not too far behind. Amazing!” One bodybuilding enthusiast showcased his hope for the young bodybuilder and wrote, “He will be champion one day.


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An Instagram user expressed his wishes for the German bodybuilder, commenting, “Crazy thing is you’re not even that far from his physique in a few years we may see you in the Olympia.” Another praised Münster for his size and commented, “You also looking big! Johnny” A bodybuilding fan highlighted that he finds motivation in both bodybuilders and wrote, “My two examples to motivate me even more to move forward and never give up.”

After witnessing the posing routine of the German and Dutch bodybuilders, who do you think did better? Do you think the Dutch Oak will be the new Classic Physique Champion? Let us know in the comments.


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