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Bodybuilding Icon and Messiah of Gym Victims Slams Fitness Freak for Not Doing the Bare Minimum After Workout: “No One’s Job to Pick Up After You”

Published 07/09/2023, 11:00 AM EDT

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A very common plague that is constantly crowned upon in the world of bodybuilding is people failing to clean up the benches and put things back in their place in the gym after they are done using them. The CEO of Gym Positivity, who never fails to point his fingers at anyone who disregards the basic decorum of the gym, has once again addressed a very important issue in his tweet.

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Joey Swoll, feeling frustrated by the sight of scattered and misplaced weights despite politely asking, took to Twitter to strongly educate gym-goers about their basic responsibilities at the gym after working out.

Joey Swoll slams fitness freak for not abiding by his duties


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Joey Swoll put up a video of himself on his official Twitter handle to describe what truly happened before he got enraged at the gymgoer and captioned it, “If you can lift it, you can put it back. It’s no one’s job to pick up after you or your weights at the gym.” He shares in the video that while he was at a local 24×7 fitness gym, training his back, and was waiting in the queue to use the seated row machine, which was already occupied. 

He says, “There’s somebody on it, I see they are finishing up and getting ready to walk away. So I asked them very politely “Hey would you please put your plates back?” After having said that, he walked away to get his bag and went back to use the machine, but there were still 4 plates on each side loaded in the machine. 


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“Don’t Stick Around and Stand Over”: Fitness Icon Joey Swoll Schools Fans on ‘Gym Etiquette 101’

He moved ahead to see the man already using another machine and so went up to him and said, “Hey, I asked you nicely to please put your weights back.” The man, however, in utter rudeness, replied, “No, I don’t want to. What for? Get the F away from me.” This triggered the fitness icon, and he planned to give the man the taste of his own medicine. 


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How did Joey Swoll teach the man a lesson?

After the gymgoer acted arrogantly, Joey Swoll simply responded with an “okay” and proceeded to replicate the same stunt in the seated back row. He approached the machine, removed all the plates from it, and stacked them onto the new machine that the man was using. He observed as the man had to put away all the weights before being able to utilize the machine.

He points out the fact that there are hundreds of posters in the gym that ask the users to re-rack their weights, yet people fail to keep up with the basic rules. He ends his video with, “Don’t be like this guy. If you can lift it, you can put your weights back. And if somebody asks you to put the weights back nicely, just put them back.”


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