“Bro Is Becoming Godzilla”: Fitness Community Left Awe-Struck as 2023 Men’s Physique Champion Unveils His Demon Back

Published Dec 17, 2023 | 2:02 AM EST

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Mr. Olympia Men’s physique champion Ryan Terry is a name that echoes through social media platforms. The man who not only flexes his muscles but also flexes his strength and determination. Recently, the fitness and bodybuilding community was left in sheer awe as the 2023 Men’s physique champ unveiled his monstrous back, and it was the size of a ping-pong table.

For over a decade, he has been the undisputed champion in men’s physique contests. Terry claimed the titles of Mister International and Mister Great Britain in 2010. Transitioning to an IFBB pro bodybuilder in 2013, he secured victory in the UKBFF championships. And throughout all of his the sheer size of his back has always been a topic of discussion, more so after the recent pictures were made public.

Ryan Terry could carry the world on his back


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Terry has been crowned in three different countries at the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique competition, Spain, the U.S., and England. That’s the level of dominance Terry has brought to the stage. And even during his off-season, he likes being the best. Take a look at these pictures he’s posted on his Instagram account.



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He shared two jaw-dropping pictures, revealing his huge back during the off-season grind, and captioned these images by saying, “Building That Back” sending fans into a frenzy. But it’s not just the size of his back. What distinguishes him is his commitment to sculpting a physique with symmetry and aesthetics.

This unwavering dedication has not only propelled him to the pinnacle of bodybuilding competitions but also to the top of the business part of the sport as well. Fans were left in disbelief at the remarkable journey of Terry, showcasing his extraordinary determination.

Ryan Terry: Building an empire as big as his back

Following his triumph on the prestigious Olympia stage, Terry’s dominance extended to social media. He has used his charm and his insanely aesthetic physique to build an audience that is solely dedicated to him and to say that he’s done this all literally on the back of his physical prowess, would be the only time anyone uses the word literally correctly. And fans know it!

“The back that won the Olympia”, a fan commented on his recent post. Another wrote, “Bro is becoming Godzilla,” emphasizing the substantial progress in his physique.

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His fans compliment Terry’s back, highlighting its size and well-defined appearance, “Big shredded back. Great!!” Similarly, another user mentioned, “Jesus, your back is spectacular,” and “@ryanjterry Best demon eyes I’ve seen so far.” Fans and followers are seeking fitness tips, “What is your favorite exercise for building those baseball-like rhomboids?”
What do you think of Terry’s back? Is he right up there with some of the best in the business?

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