If you think of insane PRs in the gym, there is only one internet sensation you can think of, and that is the one and only Larry Wheels. He has been on his fitness journey since he was sixteen years old, and from that point on, he has just set records that are not possible for others to break. Currently, he is dropping hints for a comeback for his fans.

Recently, he posted a video of him doing bench press, but with a twist, on his official Instagram account. The powerlifter showcased his strength through his post. Fans were left stunned by the display of madness and strength displayed by the powerlifter. 

The powerlifter bench pressed two of his gym partners


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There were two slides in the post, and both of them showcased the beast-like strength Wheels possesses. In both slides, he did the bench press, and in the first, he did the incline bench press. He used two of his gym partners as weights for performing the exercise, and the powerlifter did a total of eleven reps. Wheels made it look like it was a piece of cake for him. 


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The powerlifter did not just stop there; he used the same guys as weights for his next exercise. Wheels also did a set of shoulder presses and did two reps lifting both guys. The next slide is where he did something astonishing. The fitness influencer used a flat bench this time and lifted approximately 265 pounds in each hand. Wheels was able to do three reps with such immense weight in each hand.


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Once again, Wheels showed the world and his fans what he is famous for. Since the start of this year, the internet sensation has been on a hot roll and even broke his previous deadlift record. He lifted 700 pounds, did ten reps, and didn’t stop till he bled from his chest and face. Earlier at Pomona College, he lifted 675 pounds and did 14 reps. His fans never missed a chance to praise his strength, and this time they did the same and compared him to a superhero.


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A fan compared Wheels to the Black Panther

A fan commented on the massive strength the fitness influencer holds and wrote,Bro is outrageously strong. Another fan hilariously commented on his weight and talked about Wheels lifting him easily and wrote, “Bro can lift 5 Me at the same time.”

An Instagram user talked about the lifting strength of the powerlifter and commented, “Bro can lift literally anything.” A movie fan commented on the post and compared the fitness influencer’s muscles to the material used for making the most famous character, Black Panther, and wrote, “Tendons made out of vibranium.”


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Witnessing the beast-like strength, a fan was left stunned and commented, “Bro you are not from this planet.” A fitness freak simply gave a new title to Wheels and wrote, “Real life superman.

What are your views on the strength possessed by the internet sensation? Are you also waiting for the Prime Wheels comeback, like his fans? Let us know in the comments.

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