“Can Disrupt Every Aspect of Your Health”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Unravels the Magical Effect of Sleep on Muscle Hypertrophy and Health

Published 01/03/2024, 5:01 AM EST

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently emphasized the incredible impact of sleep on our health, especially when it comes to building muscle and maintaining overall well-being. It’s a holistic approach that involves taking care of the body during workouts and while resting.

The former Mr. Olympia candidly talked about the ‘6-hours-rule’, in his latest newsletter Arnold’s Pump Club. He discusses that ensuring that sleep is essential, maybe even more crucial than just eating healthy and exercising.

Arnold Schwarzenegger highlights the underlying reason for weight gains


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Schwarzenegger warns, “A lack of sleep can disrupt every aspect of your health,” prompting to explore the importance of a good night’s sleep. Good sleep is also beneficial to recover from injuries and helps develop muscles. Moreover, Arnie pointed out a 6-hour-rule, in his latest newsletter, emphasizing the potential consequences when sleep falls below this threshold.


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The question then arises: how much sleep do you need before your body breaks down? In response to the question, he showed research indicating that the optimal duration for sleep lies “between 7 and 9 hours per night.” And people who sleep less than 6 hours can trigger a battle within their bodies. A study, involving “over 68,000 people” highlights the significant consequences of insufficient sleep.

Furthermore, those sleeping less than six hours a night tended to weigh an average of “5 pounds” more and were “15 percent more likely to be overweight” compared to individuals who enjoyed more than 7 hours of sleep. The research emphasized the potential health impact of inadequate sleep on weight and overall fitness. That’s not it, Schwarzenegger once opened up about his sleeping cycle while shooting for the Netflix series ‘FUBAR.

Schwarzenegger’s Fubar experience led to another discovery related to health

The 76-year-old draws attention to his own experience while shooting for his action-comedy series, where he faced countless challenges. One of them was bad sleeping habits and stress. In his newsletter, highlighted the widespread issue of sleep deprivation. He stresses how many people consistently sleep less than six hours every night. This habit not only leads to fatigue but also correlates with a 69 percent increase in cardiovascular deaths.’

Bodybuilding Expert Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares a Simple Military Exercise That “Can Help Almost Anyone Become Healthier”


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The Austrian Oak not only points out issues but also offers solutions. He shared a study showing that waking up two hours earlier can lead to consuming fewer calories and engaging in more physical activity. Acknowledging the challenges of busy schedules, he suggests gradual adjustments, like pushing bedtime back by 15 minutes weekly.

He also has advice for people who call themselves “night owls.” He suggests trying the same approach and emphasizes that even small changes, like moving your sleep time back by two hours, can bring significant benefits. Do you think his advice is beneficial for longevity? Let us know in the comments below.

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