Chirs Bumstead has now taken the time to acknowledge the final stretch of his life before it changes forever. The five-time Classic Physique Champion is counting the days before he and Courtney King welcome their first child. So the reigning champion took some time to write about slowing down, connecting with his emotions, and “Life before baby gets here.”

The modern-day bodybuilding icon has always moved from one goal to another. For years, the bodybuilder has chased one Olympia title after the other. However, Chris Bumstead acknowledged how “taking time to slow down has been difficult,” for him. “It’s really hard for me to connect when I’m on the go too much,” CBum explained.

However, the Canadian bodybuilding star has been making an effort to take it all in. Instead of jumping straight into preparing for the upcoming Olympia, Bumstead took some time for himself this year. During the off-season, Bumstead underwent a hair transplant and took time off of training to heal. He also traveled for more than just taking business trips.


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“I’ve been trying my best to be more intentional with my time enjoying this season of life so when the big day comes I can be fully present in welcoming our girl into this world,” wrote the bodybuilding icon. The 29-year-old said it’s convenient to get caught up in big things like defending the title and expanding his brand. However, Chris Bumstead also appreciated that when you slow down, you find happiness in the simple things.

For him, these included “seeing a reflection in your car of your pregnant wife and dog sleeping on the way home from the gym.” At that moment, the champion acknowledged feeling just as much fulfillment as winning the Classic Physique title. However, as CBum waits to welcome his baby girl, he is also back training for the Olympia. But there is someone he should watch out for

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Wesley Vissers becomes the newest sensation in Classic Physique

As the reigning King of Classic Physique prepares for his life-changing day, the division’s landscape has already changed. Dutch Classic Physique competitor Wesley Vissers has turned the division on its head with his recent Arnold Classic Ohio and Arnold Classic UK victories. Vissers made these gigantic leaps only months after finishing seventh at the 2023 Mr. Olympia.

Going into the Arnold Classic Physique 2024, everyone thought Ramon Dino would walk away the victor. However, the Dutch Oak rained on everyone’s parade. The underdog rose to the occasion in Ohio and the UK to win two Arnold Classic Physique titles within weeks. So Chris Bumstead has to deal with another challenger to earn his sixth Classic Physique Olympia title.


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While CBum is focusing on preparing for fatherhood, he also has one eye on the prize. Vissers is the latest addition to Bumstead’s growing list of challengers. What you think about the journey that await Bumstead, both in professional and personal life? Let us know in the comments.