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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Break Up With Heather Milligan? Who Is the Terminator’s Alleged New Girlfriend?

Published 11/17/2023, 5:24 AM CST

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Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t a hard man to find. The 76-year-old bodybuilding legend has been a regular at the world-famous Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California, since the late 60s. The seven-time Mr. Olympia also likes taking people he is close to for a workout at Gold’s, especially if they are into fitness. Over the decades, Schwarzenegger has worked out at the Mecca of bodybuilding with many people. However, recently, his workout partner has been drawing the eyes of celebrity media, as Arnie was spotted with Hungarian actress Timea Palacsik more than once.

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However, Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially been in a relationship with physiotherapist Heather Milligan for a decade. Milligan and Schwarzenegger met when the former Mr. Universe underwent shoulder surgery in 2013. Arnie visited the founder of Elite Ortho Sports to rehab his shoulder. They started dating shortly after his treatment and have been together ever since. Even the 76-year-old’s children are reportedly fond of Milligan. The pair haven’t hinted at a split either. So why are rumors flying about him and Palacsik? 

From celebrating docu-series release to working out at Gold’s Gym


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While Timea Palacsik and Arnie have been spotted multiple times in recent weeks, the pair have known one another  since at least 2017. Palacsik posted a series of pictures with Arnold Schwarzenegger and thanked him for a “special dinner,” on June 10, 2023. She also posted a throwback selfie of the pair from 2017 and congratulated the Austrian Oak on the release of his three-part docu-series Arnold on Netflix.

In 2017, the owner of the restaurant Nobu Budapest Restaurant in Los Angeles starred as an Amazonian alongside Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman. However, the 41-year-old hasn’t posted any other updates with the former Governor of California since June. However, the pair must have stayed in touch as they have been spotted riding their bikes to Gold’s Gym for their morning workout sessions more than once in the past two weeks. Amidst the pair spending time together, insider reports have emerged about them dating.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Timea Palacsik’s dating rumors

On November 15, Us Weekly reported that an insider has confirmed that Schwarzenegger and Palacsik have started dating. Palacsik is into fitness like the 76-year-old former champion. Maybe that’s the reason why they’ve frequented Gold’s multiple times. “Arnold is enjoying his life and dating, but he really likes Timea,” the inside source told Us Weekly. While the pair haven’t made it official, according to the source, they might get into a relationship shortly.

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“They aren’t official yet, but his friends see how he is with her and think they will [be] very soon,” Us Weekly wrote in their report. However, the report also claimed that the pair are in no hurry to label their relationship. “They’re taking things slow,” the source disclosed. However, regardless of when they got to know one another, Schwarzenegger and Palacsik shared a Hollywood connection for years.

A Hollywood connection

Andrew G. Vajna was a renowned Hungarian producer of Hollywood films. The producer was active throughout the heyday of the 80s and 90s action cinema when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were in their prime. He produced Sly’s Rambo trilogy, Bruce Willis’s legendary action flick Die Hard, and worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Total Recall and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Vajna later married Timea Palacsik.

Vajna and Palacsik married the same year Arnold Schwarzenegger started dating Heather Milligan in 2013. However, the film produced tragically passed away in his home in Budapest in 2019. Vajna was 74 at the time and died due to a heart attack. Schwarzenegger also spoke at Vajna’s funeral in 2019. The unofficial reports of Schwarzenegger and Palacsik dating also come at a time when Arnie has started talking about his relationship with Heather Milligan more openly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger praised Heather Milligan 


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The Austrian Oak started dating Heather Milligan two years after splitting with his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver. The couple separated in 2011 after it came to light that Schwarzenegger fathered a son after an affair with housekeeper Mildred Baena. Early on, Arnie had kept his relationship with Milligan private. While the pair would get spotted, Schwarzenegger didn’t reveal much about their relationship to the media.

However, over the years, Schwarzenegger has gradually opened up about Milligan. Recently, the former governor has spoken about Milligan multiple times while appearing in interviews and talk shows. On November 11, Schwarzenegger appeared on The Issue Is with Fox’s Elex Michaelson. During the interview, Arnie had nothing but praise for his girlfriend. Schwarzenegger said she helped him adopt his internet-famous pets. “When you have a partner that is so supportive about all this stuff… she’s a kind of a soulmate you know. We really love all of our animals… She has been really terrific,” said Schwarzenegger.


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Reports might indicate that Arnold Schwarzenegger has started dating Timea Palascik. However, neither Schwarzenegger, Palascik, nor Milligan have made any official statements about the rumor.

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