“80s Was Really the Best Time”: Natural Bodybuilding Veteran Turns Nostalgic for an Energetic Crowd, as He Flaunts His Gains at 24 in a Resurfaced Video

Published 07/09/2023, 11:45 AM EDT

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Bodybuilding veteran John Hansen is among the first bodybuilders who gained popularity as a natural bodybuilder. Hansen began bodybuilding at 14, inspired by Bruce Lee and bodybuilding magazines. Within a decade, the natural bodybuilder was competing in on stage. Hansen won his first major NPC contest in the 80s. On July 4, the natural bodybuilding champion shared a rare video of himself from that decade.

The former champion uploaded a posing routine from one of his guest posings. The then-24-year-old posed with the Miami Vice theme playing in the background. Fans of the three-time Natural Mr. Universe praised him in the comments and made the champion bodybuilder nostalgic.

John Hansen, in his prime


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The 62-year-old coach uploaded a video of his posing routine, where he flaunted his aesthetic physique. The bodybuilder hit the now-classic variations of all mandatory poses. However, the short video didn’t capture the entire posing routine. Despite the poor quality, the gains of the then 24-year-old bodybuilder were visible.


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According to Hansen’s website, the bodybuilder put on 100 lbs of body weight since starting bodybuilding at 14. Hence, it’s safe to assume John Hansen weighed around 230 lbs during the guest posing. While the Natural Mr. Olympia winner-turned-coach didn’t write a caption for his post, he discussed further details with the fans in the comments. 

The bodybuilding champion was gracious enough to reply 


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While the fans praised various aspects of John Hansen’s physique, the former Natural Mr. Universe was gracious enough to reply to his fans. One fan noticed the music that played in the posing video. “As a huge Vice fan..nobody has pointed out this is the Miami Vice theme! Big fan John especially the podcasts and chats with the Golden Era guys,” wrote the fan. The former champion, who is also a regular host of the Muscle Maturity Podcast, replied to the fan. “I competed a couple weeks before this guest posing in Miami so I used that music,” clarified the bodybuilder.

“Some good crowd reactions there!” commented another fan. Yes, the 80’s was really the best time in bodybuilding,” responded a nostalgic Hansen. A fan who is also a competitor said, “Ooo, I’m stealing those moves for my routines @johnhansen1_ lol… looking great sir.” The 62-year-old jacked bodybuilder thanked the fan in response.


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With three Natural Mr. Universe titles and a Natural Mr. Olympia title, John Hansen is among the most successful natural bodybuilders of all time. What did you think about the resurfaced posing video? Let us know in the comments. 


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