Exercise Scientist Thinks of WWE Star John Cena’s Diet and Workout Regimen as “Pretty F**king Dope”

Published Apr 13, 2024 | 3:24 AM EDT

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Dr. Mike Israetel, aka the Exercise Scientist, has gained a reputation as a critic of the bodybuilding world. He never misses the chance to analyze training methods, whether it be Hollywood actors like Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, or WWE pro wrestlers like Bautista. This time, WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor John Cena has made it to the Exercise Scientist’s list.

In the video uploaded to the former professor’s official YouTube channel, Renaissance Periodization, he gave his verdict on Cena’s workout regime. Let’s find out if the face of WWE can impress the critique of bodybuilding.

The Exercise Scientist gives Cena’s training a 9.33 rating 


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Israetel was impressed by Cena’s training, making it a rare occasion where the critic was convinced by someone’s training methods. The Exercise Scientist gave Cena an impressive rating at 9.33 out of 11. “If I watch John Cena as a nobody or something in the gym doing his workout and you were like dude, what do you think I’d be like? That’s pretty f***king dope,” Israetel made his thoughts known.


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The former professor explained, “He’s doing way more sh*t right than wrong, which means that he’s not really originally a Hollywood actor because if you’re mostly Hollywood and not wrestling, then you mostly do sh*t wrong and not right.” However, Cena faced slight criticism over the diet approach he shared for burning fat.

In the video, Cena shared his diet for burning fat and called it his “secret weapon.” He said, “It’s a group of foods that actually boost your metabolism, and it’ll help you shed those pounds of fat.” The Exercise Scientist didn’t even blink an eye and said, “Yeah, that’s total bulls*it; unfortunately can’t all be right all the time.” The former professor explained that no food will boost your metabolism unless it contains many stimulants. 


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While Israetel approving a training method is a rarity, this is not the first time he’s been convinced by a WWE star’s training regime. Earlier, he had praised the beast, Bautista.

Israetel wants to train under the hypertrophy coach 

Last month, the host of the YouTube channel Renaissance Periodization, gave his verdict on Dave Bautista’s training with the hypertrophy coach Joe Bennett. The former professor gave a B+/A- rating to all of the workouts done by the duo. Israetel commented on the duo’s workout and said, “By Hollywood standards, f**king phenomenal.” 


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He called Bautista lucky to have Bennett as his coach so that he could stay on the right path. The Exercise Scientist added, “Because he could have some of the other clown sh*t trainers that we have exposed on this channel.” He made a surprising statement and said, “If Joe Bennett’s available as a trainer, I would absolutely endorse him as somebody you should definitely hire.” 

As shown by Israetel’s praise for him, Cena does have a deep knowledge of his workouts. Will you train like the WWE star? Let us know in the comments.

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