“Feeling a Little Sluggish”: Kali Muscle Drops Update as His Cucumber Only Diet Continues After 3 Days

Published 02/06/2024, 11:24 AM EST

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The 48-year-old bodybuilder turned YouTuber, Kali Muscle, who once defied death with his strong willpower, survived a fatal heart attack. Now, in his quest to stay healthy and fit, he has completely changed his diet and workout routine. Muscle has added a newfound diet regimen to his routine, this time opting to consume only cucumbers.

In his latest update, Muscle is embarking on a unique cucumber-only diet. During the third day of his diet program update, he gave a glimpse into his crunchy green journey. Diving straight into the veggie adventure, he mentions supporting local farmers and juicing big cucumbers.

Kali Muscle’s quest for a healthy lifestyle


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On day three, Muscle shared his experience with fans and followers as he confessed that he “still got it a little bit what’s up with it guys day three of cucumbers man feeling a little sluggish but that’s the process.” In the video he revealed that, on the second day of the only-cucumber diet, he opted for Armenian cucumbers, pairing them with hummus, estimating a humble 600 calories. Despite the low energy levels, he’s cautious not to push his body too hard during workouts.


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His primary focus is on optimizing exercises for muscle burn without going heavy on the weights. He believes that after the initial sluggish phase, his body will adapt, providing an energy boost. The fitness enthusiast is mindful of the low-calorie intake and prioritizes listening to his body signals.

Amidst cucumber tale, Muscle shares insights into YouTube notifications and gives a shoutout to a fellow channel. Post a trip to Whole Foods, he proudly reveals a weight drop from 187 to 180 lbs. Back home, he plans to enjoy cucumbers with a dash of hot sauce, considering a little sodium won’t hurt. However, in his previous post on Instagram, the fitness expert is on a mission to uncover harmful ingredients in our everyday foods. His recent focus? Zero-sugar drinks.


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In a candid Instagram video at a convenience store, he delved into the 7UP aisle, exposing ingredients like potassium citrate and Bizonate, which he claims clog arteries. He recalled his McDonald’s days, and expressed anger over Aspartame in diet soda, deeming it carcinogenic and urging followers to research enough before buying processed food items. The 48-year-old advised people not to give soft drinks to kids and also cautioned adults.

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Additionally, reflecting on his health journey, Kali Muscle emphasizes discipline and self-love. He encourages others to learn from experiences and the mistakes he made to make positive changes in lifestyle for a healthy life.


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