“Female She Hulk”: Kendall Jenner Lookalike Bodybuilder Leaves Fans Jaw-Dropped With Recent Flexing Pictures

Published 04/17/2024, 7:30 AM EDT

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Even if you’re new to the fitness industry, Vladislava Galagan is a name you must have heard for sure. Known for her resemblance to Kendall Jenner, Galagan started her fitness journey at the age of sixteen. Galagan spent relentless hours in the gym getting buffed in the bid to attain the perfect physique. 

The Russian fitness influencer recently posted a picture on her Instagram, flaunting her exceptionally well-built physique in striking poses. As summer approaches, Galagan showcased her readiness for the reason. 

The Russian fitness influencer is all set for her summer near the beach


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Galagan posted the pictures near a beach, where she flexed her perfectly toned body. She did a front double bicep pose, showcasing her symmetrical biceps with perfect condition and muscle definition. One look at the picture and one would realize the hours in the gym that would have contributed to the shredded quads and calves that complemented her overall physique well. 

Galagan’s abs were partially visible, and her physique looked ripped. Galagan captioned the post, “Summer ready,” and is all set to enjoy her summers near a beach. In the last post, she did a front-lat spread pose, flaunting her waist, with her lats and shoulders stealing the show. 


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Along with her impressive physique, fans admired her looks, calling her the right mixture of beauty and power. Enraptured by Galagan’s latest post, fans took to the comments section to praise her shredded look and her dedication to fitness.  

Fans compare Galagan to superheroes 

A fan commented on the hard work she has put in to maintain her physique and wrote, “Your hard work really shows. Amazing job!” Another fan was impressed by Galagan’s biceps, who garnered inspiration from her physique. “Wow, she’s absolutely crushing it! That physique is goals, and those biceps are! Plus, that cute face is the cherry on top!” they commented. A movie and fitness enthusiast compared her to a famous Marvel character and commented, “She should be the Female SHE HULK !!!


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A fitness freak compared the Russian fitness influencer’s last post to a superhero and wrote, “The last pic you look like a superhero, and absolutely classy !” Another movie and fitness freak compared Galagan to a DC Comics character, penning, “Superwoman… along side Henry Cavill’s Superman.” A fan shed light on the Russian fitness influencer’s exceptional physique and wrote, “Hulk body but barbie doll face… Beauty with danger.”

What are your views on the Russian fitness influencer’s physique? Are you impressed by her, like her fans? Let us know in the comments.


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