Fitness Granny Who Shook the World With Insane Physique Meets Chris Bumstead, Fans Express Disbelief: “Grandma Made It”

Published 05/15/2024, 7:00 AM EDT

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Marlene Flowers, socially known as Granny Guns has taken the fitness world by storm at the age of 65. She has proven that age is just a number when it comes to achieving incredible feats of strength and physique. Recently, Granny Guns had an encounter with none other than the five-time Mr. Olympia classic physique, Chris Bumstead.

In her latest Instagram post, Granny Guns shared three images of herself with Chris Bumstead, accompanied by a caption that encapsulates the essence of their meeting. “Chris Bumstead We meet again,” she wrote, reflecting on the journey of perseverance and dedication that both she and Bumstead have undertaken in their respective fitness pursuits.

“It’s always so nice to come across People like Chris That have worked so hard And remained kind Legends aren’t born They are built,” Granny Guns added. She highlighted the importance of hard work and kindness in achieving greatness. Like Bumstead himself, Granny Guns’ journey into fitness was not without its challenges.


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After overcoming the struggles of two toxic marriages and battling with an eating disorder that led to health complications requiring surgery, she found solace and strength in the world of fitness. At the age of 58, she embarked on her fitness journey, initially starting with workouts at home with the support of her son.


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Despite facing initial apprehension about joining a gym, the bodybuilding enthusiast persevered and eventually stepped into the gym environment, where she continued to push herself and defy societal norms surrounding age and fitness. Her story seems to have resonated deeply with fans and followers and many of them took to the comments section of the post to make their thoughts known.

Fans were flabbergasted by the collaboration between Granny Guns and CBum

Fans from all walks of life express their astonishment and admiration as Granny Guns, met CBum. One fan expressed amazement as the 65-year-old has achieved success and recognition in the fitness and bodybuilding world and wrote, “Grandma made it.” Another acknowledged CBum and Granny Guns’ contribution to the fitness industry and refers to them as, “Two Legends.” 


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A bodybuilding enthusiast specifically highlighted the significance of the picture, paying respect to the Grandma by calling her a legend and penned, “Picture with a great bodybuilder, a legend, and next to her is Chris Bum.” “The greatest collab on earth GRANNY met my ultimate idol and my idol met my grandma,” another wrote. A few simply expressed enthusiasm by saying, “This is awesome!!” One complimented Granny guns by saying that Bumstead appeared smaller in front of her, “CBum is looking small as f**k.”

Granny Guns’ encounter with Chris Bumstead showcases the influence she has created in the industry. As she continues to inspire and motivate others with her incredible journey, Granny Guns proves that it’s never too late to pursue your passions and transform your life through fitness.


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