Fitness World Hilariously Reacts to Bodybuilder Wearing Muscle Suit in Gym: “Haters Gonna Say It’s a Suit”

Published 04/12/2024, 12:57 AM EDT

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In a recent viral video, an unnamed bodybuilder entered his gym wearing a muscle suit, prompting reactions from the fitness community. Earlier, an Instagram fitness page shared a post captioned “The dream physique,” and posted the video of a man almost barging inside his gym wearing a full-body muscle suit. However, the bodysuit wasn’t the only reason people found the video funny.

The bodybuilding enthusiast acted like he was the strongest man inside the gym while wearing the suit. Instead of looking uncomfortable inside the huge muscle suit, the gym goer strutted around, acting like no one compared to him. The fitness enthusiast shouted, “Vamos!” while hyping himself up for his first exercise and shoving aside anyone in his way.

First, the man kicked a person doing pec dec flies because the suit wouldn’t let him fit through the gap. He then interrupted a woman doing lat pulldowns and took ever the machine. Despite the gymgoer engaging in such antics, no one seemed to be irritated and instead laughed at whatever was happening. While actors often wear bodysuits for roles that require them to look muscular or overweight, no one would wear the suit that was shown in the video.


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The massive muscle suit made the bodybuilder look twice the size of Ronnie Coleman since it had literally every feature that a fitness enthusiast would dream of. A massive chest, boulder shoulders, a cartoonishly slim waist, insanely large quads and calves. Interestingly, the muscle had no hamstrings. However, it was probably made that way so the wearer could sit.

Besides the people around him, the online fitness community also had a hilarious response to the suit. The man in the video clearly did it as a joke, and the fitness community played along in the comments.


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The fitness community compares the gymgoer with a video game character

Many compared the man with generic characters from a popular video game. “Roblox,” commented one follower. In Roblox, the characters look like the ones from Lego with blocky bodies. The man in the muscle suit looked similar. Others played along. “Haters gonna say it’s a suit,” commented one fitness enthusiast.

“Bro doesn’t need muscle suit muscle suit need bro,” commented a follower. However, not everyone was impressed with the man’s shenanigans. “This is funny for five seconds,” wrote one fitness enthusiast. Meanwhile, others loved the bodysuit. “I need this suit, lol!” wrote one Instagram user.


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Although we don’t know why the man in the video decided to wear a muscle suit to the gym, it definitely provided some amusement to fellow gymgoers and the online fitness community. How would you react to a gymgoer turning up at your gym in a similar bodysuit? Let us know in the comments.


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