Celebrities transforming for a role is not a new thing in the fitness industry, and they often face criticism from their fans and followers. Celebrities try to hide the shady part from the world. This time the criticism falls upon Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal for his transformation in the movie Roadhouse with former UFC Champion Conor McGregor. 

In a recent video snippet uploaded by the YouTube channel Men’s Health, Gyllenhaal performed a Swiss bar floor press. This is just a mere part of the exercise regime he did to get in shape for the movie. However, his fans are not in favor of his training methods and pointed him out for using st****ds.

The workout that got him to 5% body fat


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In the montage, Gyllenhaal did an exercise that primarily focused on your chest and also on your shoulder, triceps, forearms, and middle back. The Road House lead actor highlighted the factors to be kept in mind while performing the Swiss bar floor press properly and said,” It’s important to keep the stimuli broad with variations of reps, sets loads, and different tempos.” 

The floor press is an exercise that lets you train your chest by limiting the range of motion. They are also good for those who have some issues on their shoulders. The coach of the movie actor advises everyone to do at least 2 sets of 10–12 reps of the exercise to feel its effectiveness.

Gyllenhaal has followed a hard workout regime for his transformation as a UFC fighter weighing 184 pounds. This has been the most demanding role of his career. He needed a transformation so that he could be athletic, resilient, and have overall strength. Not only does he follow a hard workout regime, but he also follows a strict diet to attain such a physique with just 5% body fat. 

Despite all the hard work Gyllenhaal has put into sculpting his physique for the role, his fans and followers were not dazzled by his work and pointed him out for using performance-enhancing substances to be in shape.

Fans ask: Is Gyllenhaal doing something extraordinary? 

One follower accused the videos of celebrities of being fake and commented,” These celeb workout videos will show you everything except their real workout.”

A user emphasized the pretending lifestyle of celebrities while transforming for a role and said,” They always like to pretend like the unique training style and diet created for them is the sole reason for how their results were obtained when we all know they are on the pharma grade sauce.” 


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A follower pointed out the abruptness of celebrities’ workouts and commented,” Celebs always do workouts you’ve literally never seen before and act like its some magic super workout.”

Another fan highlighted the use of dr*gs to achieve such a physique in a short time and wrote,” He doin good on the juice.” Among these comments, one fan bashed out celebrities, commenting,” This celebs should train their brains.”


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Gyllenhaal’s fans did not seem to be impressed by his exceptionally well-formed transformation, accusing him of using PEDs. What are your views on this matter? Let us know in the comments.

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