“Game Over, That’s Insane”: Samson Dauda and Hadi Choopan’s Fans Indulge in a Heated Debate Hours Ahead of Arnold Classic 2024

Published 02/28/2024, 11:53 AM EST

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In the epic showdown looming at the Arnold Classic 2024, fans find themselves caught in a heated debate, torn between their loyalties to reigning champ Samson Dauda and the formidable Hadi Choopan, making the anticipation palpable.

The Nigerian Lion, recently took to Instagram to showcase his progress, revealing a jaw-dropping back pose that left doubters silenced. Last year’s skepticism about the intrigue and development of his back seems unfounded now, as Dauda’s transformation is nothing short of astounding. The credit for this metamorphosis according to goes to “@milossarcev x @marlenka1 two wizards of bodybuilding,” Milos Sarcev, and his wife Marlenka Dauda.


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In the clash of titans, Dauda’s physical prowess stands tall. On the other hand, the Iranian champion Hadi Choopan brings a wealth of experience and muscle maturity to the stage. The intrigue lies not just in their physical attributes but in the battle between youthful vigor and seasoned expertise.

Choopan, who outshone Dauda in muscle maturity and density in 2023, is hailed for his unparalleled conditioning. Fans fervently argue that even the reigning Mr. Olympia, Derek Lunsford, fell short of Choopan’s remarkable conditioning. It’s a testament to the Iranian’s dedication and consistency in delivering a stage presence that commands attention. Despite the fascinating development, the comparison between Choopan and Dauda is on rise, with fans rooting for their favorites.

Fans’ prophecies about Arnold Classic 2024 open division

Amidst the buzz surrounding the Arnold Classic 2024, fans are ablaze with speculation and excitement. One fan, with astonishment, curiously hinted at the fact that Dauda had made huge strides after the 2023 Olympia and penned, “Who is that? Where is Samson from Olympia? I think you did it again… new version, new level.” Another believed that Dauda’s physique was enough to ensure that he won the competition. “Game over, that’s insane,” they wrote.


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The fervor is undeniable, marking Dauda’s journey as nothing short of extraordinary. “2024 is Samson’s year, and I am not just talking about Arnold. No one is matching this rate of improvement. It is truly astonishing,” said one fan. Nonetheless, Choopan fans couldn’t help but comment on Dauda’s post. “still the second,”  wrote a Chhopan supporter, a subtle acknowledgment that competition is fierce, and the race is far from decided.


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One fan showcased his rising anticipation with the rallying cry, “Wait for Persian Wolf.” As the fan chatter continues, a prophetic declaration echoed, “Only at the Arnold lineup will we know who’s gonna win.” This uncertainty is surely setting the stage for an unforgettable showdown at the Arnold Classic.


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As the event approaches, the comparison between Choopan and Dauda unfolds like a gripping drama on the bodybuilding stage. Supporters passionately rally behind their favorites, adding an extra layer of excitement to the impending clash. Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below.

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