“Here’s Your Excuse for Not Being Jacked”: Exercise Scientist Reveals Why Some Guys Fails to Build Muscles

Published 02/23/2024, 1:00 PM EST

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More often than not, when people get into training, they complain about failing to build muscles. Well, there are several aspects associated with it. From taking the wrong diet to pulling out workouts in the wrong postures, there can be a lot of reasons. Dr. Mike Israetel, popularly known as an Exercise Scientist in the bodybuilding world, recently revealed the true reason.

A bodybuilding fan page, Renaissance Periodization, recently took to their official YouTube channel and shared a video where Exercise Scientist is seen talking about how people come up and tell him why they are not gaining muscles. He shares why a lot of people, despite having all the best eating habits, are unable to get jacked.

He said, “So if you are gaining weight steadily, then you know your calories are straight. If you’re not gaining weight steadily or slowly on average, then it just doesn’t matter how much you’re eating.” He even added that all they do is keep stuffing food, irrespective of whether it is getting them any results or not. He said, “Here’s your excuse for not getting jacked.”


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He further suggested that when things do not work out, even if you are consuming 4000 calories, you should just up your intake. It is important to listen to your body and give it what it requires. Only then will it function properly. In one of his posts, the Exercise Scientist even gave a harsh reality check to people who procrastinate hitting the gym.

Dr. Mike Israetel calls out people who are seeking motivation


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In one of the videos shared by fitness influencer Chris Williamson, Exercise Scientist was seen discussing motivation and inspiration to hit the gym. He said, “If you have to ask how to get motivated to go to the gym, you don’t need to be going to the gym. You don’t want it enough.”

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He even added that the turning point comes only when you get sick and tired of looking like sh*t. That is the very moment when your conscience says, “Enough is enough.” Well, it is indeed true. There is no such thing as external motivation. As long as you do not feel it from the inside, no matter how hard you try, nothing will get you to embark on your journey.


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