“His Abs Look Like Legos”: Bodybuilding Community Expresses Disbelief Over Samson Dauda’s Latest Physique Update Days Before Arnold Classic 2024

Published 02/20/2024, 11:18 PM EST

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With just 8 days remaining until the Arnold Classics 2024, athletes are gearing up for the final stretch. Samson Dauda, the former Arnold Classic open-division champion, recently gave a sneak peek to his fans about his physique. In a recent short YouTube video shared by the channel “Nick’s Strength and Power,” he displayed his incredible physique, building excitement for the upcoming competition.

The video highlighted Dauda’s abs, grabbing the attention of his fans. The upcoming battle with Choopan looks even more interesting with his latest physique update. He has added excitement to the upcoming competition, making fans even more eager.

Dauda’s peak training performance


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With the Arnold Classics around the corner, Dauda treats his fans to a glimpse of his impressive physique in a quick video update. His latest video showcases his finest and shows off his incredible physique and peak conditioning. Samson is truly taking the game to the next level.


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The showdown between Hadi and Dauda is heating up, thanks to Dauda’s impressive physique. While Hadi is seen as the favorite, there’s a chance that he could surprise everyone and win. His dedication and amazing physique have made the competition between them even more exciting.

With a simple caption,” Are you ready,” Dauda gets his fans hyped up. He’s put in the hard work and dedication, and it is shown by his impressive gains. He strikes the crab pose, highlighting his efforts in training. Fans are buzzing with excitement after seeing Dauda’s latest update, and the comment section is going wild.

Fans’ reaction to Dauda’s update


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Dauda’s fans went all crazy seeing his recent post. One fan confidently declared,” Samson is gonna be the next Mr. O it’s only a matter of time.” Another admirer praised his physique: ” That’s the best I’ve ever seen him.” One bold commenter claimed,” Samson is the new era of bodybuilding.”

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One fan couldn’t help but admire his abs, saying,” His abs look like Legos.” Another fan expressed his wish to look like Dauda: ” Damn, I wish I looked like Samson at 25% contest ready let alone this 90%.” One comment stood out saying,” C’mon man just give him the win already!”


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Dauda’s recent update has stirred up excitement for the competition. With his impressive physique and peak conditioning, his showdown with Hadi has become even more intriguing. With just days to go until the Arnold Classics, Dauda’s dedication and determination shine through.

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