“If Arnold Was Natural He Would Look Like”: Fans Rave About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Genetics” Watching His Son’s Insanely Ripped Physique

Published 02/26/2024, 3:34 AM EST

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Joseph Baena is the youngest son of the bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. And from his love for fitness to his desire to make it big on the silver screen, he surely is following in the footsteps of his father. However, his goal is still somewhat different. While Arnie hit the gym to compete in prestigious events, Baena desires to work out to build the physique of a Hollywood superhero.

Joseph Baena gladly accepts that he has inherited his father’s genetics. But, his mission is to etch a name for himself, not being under the shadow of anyone. Looks like, with such an uncanny resemblance, it is pretty much impossible to not relate to his father. He recently posted a picture, and the comments section is a standing testament to it.

Joseph Baena gives physique check-in


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Joseph Baena recently took to his official Instagram account and shared a video of himself flexing his perfectly crafted physique after a grueling workout session. He began by flexing his side biceps, followed by his arms, and well, there is no doubt that they are the result of his intense hard work.

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He then went on to flex his chest and the other side of the bicep. However, the highlight of the video was when Baena hit Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic back and side pose. He is indeed a true reflection of Arnie’s days from the prime.


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The entire fitness community once again was in awe looking at the similarities that his physique demonstrated with that of the Austrian Oak. While they complimented Baena for incorporating all the hard work added to his father’s exceptional genes, some comments hinted to Arnie’s usage of PEDs as well.


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Is Joseph Baena the natural version of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

The fitness community filled the post with comments admiring the hard work and dedication that Joseph Baena put into his passion. They complimented the incorporation of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s genes. One of them commented, “The only Arnold kid using his genetic lottery”. While another taking to his exceptional physique, without comparison, wrote, “This is what it’s all about. Great shape brother 🔥🔥”.

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While some of them even asked him to recreate his father’s biggest accolades, like one of them asking him to be a part of a film doing the younger version of Conan the Barbarian – Arnie’s first big hit, to another one predicting him to take over his limelight, left comments like, “Make a young conan film” and “The next King of Actor and Bodybuilding @joebaena”. Others also slightly hinted that he might be juiced in his prime days, and stated Baena was a natural version of him. One of them, taking to this, wrote, “If Arnold was natural he would look like this 🔥”.

Well, compared to the legend or not, Joseph Baena has indeed been taking over the bodybuilding world with his exceptional physique and unwavering dedication to perfecting the art. What are your thoughts on him? Let us know in the comments section below!


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