IFBB Pro and Bodybuilding Coach Answered the Age-Old Question of “What Supplements to Take” to Get a Pro Card

Published 12/05/2023, 10:38 AM EST

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Former record-breaking powerlifter turned bodybuilder, John Jewett, began his weightlifting journey as a teenager. He was inspired by the classic bodybuilding and powerlifting techniques. Despite making a name in the powerlifting world he was fascinated by bodybuilding. However, he recently opened up about the misconception of getting monstrous and body-like pros.

Jewett, recently, shared a video on his Instagram. In the video, he highlighted the essential factors of becoming a professional rather than just emphasizing one thing.

John Jewett discussed the misconceptions about gaining muscle


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The American bodybuilder highlighted a crucial aspect often overlooked in bodybuilding. Despite the focus on the question “what supplement to take?” he advocates that having the same supplements as a pro doesn’t guarantee pro status.


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He completely denied the myth and stated that “supplementation is just a tool” in longevity. In wrote in his post caption, “Being in the fitness, and bodybuilding industry there tends to be a large focus on WHAT supplementation to take. There is a huge misconception that if you get the same supplementation as a pro, you will be a pro – this isn’t the case.” According to him, achieving a pro status and success hinges on consistency and unwavering commitment.

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Furthermore, regular grinding to gain a physique like pro bodybuilder is crucial. It’s not solely about the supplements but rather how well one handles the challenges. He also drew attention to aspects like diet, training, and recovery. These are the key elements that play a vital role in success. However, Jewett is not the only one who emphasizes training rather than solely depending on Supplements.

Nicholas Trigili opined on drug use in bodybuilding

The former bodybuilder and entrepreneur Nicholas Trigili opined on his Instagram story that even though people take it to pump up their muscles, it can lead to serious damage to their inner health. While interacting with fans he answered one user’s question by saying these supplements only cause harm.

He said that He just hates talking about using supplements, especially Tren. He despises the idea of taking supplements without knowing their side effects. Most people are inclined to these substances without having much experience in the industry. Quite a few aspiring bodybuilders and influencers use them to get a body like competitors even though they did not plan to compete.


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Later, it only damages, and people need to understand that tren isn’t a magical solution to build muscles. Trigili illustrated and cautioned that tren messes with your neurotransmitters, and gallbladder, lowers stomach acid, and many other problems in your body. Despite the ban people use supplements to build muscle. What’s your opinion on this? Tell us in the comments below.

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