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“Impressed the Pec Stayed Attached”: Fitness Enthusiast’s Risky 220lbs Stunt Leaves Bodybuilding World With Mixed Feelings

Published 06/08/2023, 3:00 PM EDT

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Bodybuilding is an art that requires years of practice and the proper amount of dedication. The primary aspect of which is to master the form and technique of pulling out the exercise, rather than focusing on the amount of weight you are lifting. Pulling out a heavyweight with an improper form can pose a lifetime risk. It’s always better to prevent such situations than to deal with the consequences later.

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While some athletes actually have the capacity to lift heavily, others do it as an act of ego lifting. The line is hard to discover. A recent video posted by a German athlete has sparked mixed reactions in the fitness world. Let’s dive into the details of what occurred in the video.

What was the video about?


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In a recent Instagram video, German athlete Leonidas Arkona was spotted performing a dumbbell press with a weight of 220 lbs. He successfully completed two reps on his own and received support for two additional reps. However, although he managed to complete 4 reps, the last rep ended with a jerk and he dropped the dumbbell on the floor instead of landing them slowly on his legs and then dropping them on the floor.

This could have resulted in severe injuries if not done under proper supervision and after ensuring the right form and technique. To pull out a 220 lbs dumbbell press is like performing an act of magic in the gym, no matter how strong you are. Well, Arkona, also known as The German Hulk, definitely knows what he is doing and his PR definitely was a success. The official Instagram account of ‘gymtiktok’ also shared his video, which received thousands of views.


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With a bench press personal record of 235 lbs, there is no doubt that the beast can easily pull off 220 lbs, but whether it was right on his behalf to be sharing the video, being a fitness influencer on social media or not, that is a question that was raised. Wherein the man received a lot of positive comments, there was a hint of a debate that flew in the comment section. Let us find out what the fans have to say about the German Hulk.


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Fans left with mixed reactions

As the video of Leonidas Arkona was shared, his followers filled the comment section with reactions that were a little tough to come to a conclusion to. Where, on one hand, his followers complimented the legendary stunt he pulled off, there were a lot of accusations regarding ego lifting, too. Appreciating the stunt, one of the followers commented, “Bro successfully did one rep on his own, very impressive dumbbell PR”. Another said, “Dude just lifted all my hopes & dreams.” A sarcastic comment came in the section which was a rather cryptic one, that said, “More impressed the pec stayed attached 😅 but dude is a beast “.


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Accusing the athlete of ego lifting, one of the followers commented, “Ego lift lol, struggling with half reps and could have torn a bicep or broke your arm. Is it really worth being stupid for a video?” Another one commented, “Almost broke his arm, ego lifting is quite uhhhh”. What do you think of the beastly stunt pulled off by the German Hulk? Let us know in the comment section below!

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