The highly anticipated event Mr. Olympia concluded with a new champion being crowned in the most celebrated division, Men’s Open. In bodybuilding, you can build all the muscles you want but there can only be one winner. But that’s every sport, isn’t it? Wins and losses come and go but, what truly matters is how an athlete behaves after losing. This is why Hadi Choopan’s reaction to his defeat has left a sour taste in the bodybuilding community.

On the other hand, Samson Dauda, another formidable contender, also in third place, took the loss on the chin and celebrated his achievement. These contrasting reactions from the runner-ups have sparked a debate in the bodybuilding community.

Samson Dauda spreading positivity while embracing his bronze medal


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The Nigerian Lion took to his Instagram to express his feelings after clinching third place. He shared a carousel of two pictures, in the first picture he is smiling holding the bronze medal he earned. The second picture was taken from the Olympia stage where he was posing to showcase his growth and impress the judges and the sports enthusiasts.

Dauda expressed his emotions and happiness through these two pictures and wrote an outstanding caption to demonstrate his feelings in words. “Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you land among the stars 3rd. Third-best bodybuilder on the planet Damnnnnn!!!!” The 31-year-old bodybuilder wrote in his caption.


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In addition, he called himself the luckiest guy in the world because he was named the third-best bodybuilder in the world. “Life just keeps getting better and better and I can’t be happy enough,” Samson added. Further in the post, he showed his gratitude toward his team including his coach Milos Sarcev and his wife Marlenka.


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Unlike Samson, his coach is disappointed in the placing

In the post caption, he further explained and expressed his surprise and excitement at the remarkable progress he and his team achieved just “three years ago.” According to him, he couldn’t even dream of the success they’ve attained today. However, his coach Sarcev is not happy with the placing as he was confident of Samson’s victory this year.

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This has been a recurring theme for Sarcev, who was also upset during the 2022 Mr. Olympia as well. He believed in his students and thought Samson had the ability and the physique to win the title. However, once again, his prediction didn’t turn into reality.
Dauda on the other hand, seemed glad to have essentially become the 3rd best bodybuilder on the planet and showed his gratitude to his coach and fans. He is conveying a motivational and inspirational message, that with hard work dedication, support, and consistency any impossible goal can be conquered.

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