As the New Year begins, many people get excited to make new fitness goals. But sometimes, when we decide what we want to achieve, we forget to make achievable goals. At first, extreme goals seem like a great idea but they never work out. And renowned fitness coach Sean Nalewanjy recently agrees. He dropped a few truth bombs and suggested that people shouldn’t get too excited about these quick and easy ways to get fit.

Having been in the fitness industry for almost two decades, he candidly opened up about New Year’s resolutions and how to accomplish desired goals with traditional methods.

Instead of quick fixes delve into long-term regimen: Sean Nalewanjy


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The Indonesian coach is known for his no-nonsense approach, in his post he talked about many tricks that promise quick results in training, food, and supplements. Although, he stated, “Most of you here already know this, but it’s all a bunch of bullsh*t.” According to him, the time of the year does not matter.


Moreover, whether you start your fitness journey on “January 1st, June 17th or September 27th, the underlying principles don’t change.” He emphasized that there are “no shortcuts, no special hacks,” and certainly “no magical workarounds.”  He dismisses the idea of a “12-week program” as nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Instead, he advocates for a permanent change in your lifestyle.

Furthermore, he highlights the significance of making little improvements each day, gradually improving over a long period. He believes in setting a goal that helps you feel motivated and inspired and makes you stick to a plan. It means taking things one day at a time. It needs focus and unwavering determination. Simply, he said that if you want a real change, don’t rely on quick fixes or magical promises. True fitness success comes from making a permanent change.

Recently, the three-time Mr. Olympia also emphasized on the slow process for bigger gains.

Frank Zane’s approach for maximum gains with minimal sets

Bodybuilding veteran Frank Zane talked about the power of minimal training. He believes in quality over quantity, suggesting a simple routine for effective workouts and growth. Zane highlights that focusing on what matters, like reducing sets and workouts, helps channel energy better.

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He motivates with the idea of doing less but with more intent. The God of Aesthetics, drawing from decades of experience, supports the importance of rest and recovery for muscle gains. Unlike some bodybuilders, he recommends 45-minute sessions using lighter weights, rubber cables, stretching, and slower movements to avoid soreness and injuries. He also stressed the importance of better growth and recovery.

So, how you are going to plan your fitness goals for this year? Is it the quick and easy fixes or traditional long-term with lasting benefits?


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