Bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast Bill Maeda recently uploaded a video performing a kind of exercise that many fitness enthusiasts would have seldom heard of. While deadlifts are incredibly popular, Maeda engaged in something called “circulation deadlifts.” For those wondering what this exercise was, the 55-year-old explained how he turned to circulation training to counteract the pain after surviving colon cancer in 2012.

Maeda disclosed that he was diagnosed with stage three cancer and had to undergo emergency surgery. The invasive procedure removed 13 inches of his colon, and then the chemotherapy started. The treatment “left me with damage to the nerves and capillaries in my hands, feet and legs and also a mild speech impediment,” wrote the 55-year-old.

However, the fitness enthusiast wasn’t ready to live a life dictated by constant pain. He took the matter into his own hands and began training to maintain “adequate circulation,” in his extremities and “keeping the nerves in my feet as active as possible.” One of the ways he does that is through slow and controlled movements to maximize time under tension, increasing blood flow.


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In his post, the 55-year-old explained that his feet felt “heavy,” so he jumped into doing deadlifts in a way that promotes circulation. “I can push a lot of blood and neural input to those areas if I do slow, barefoot deadlifts,” the fitness freak said. Although Maeda had already pulled his hamstring in a previous workout, he knew he had to do the deadlifts to ease the pain.

For the workout, Bill Maeda started with relatively lighter weights and focused on slowly lifting the weight with an even tempo. While many only maintained the tempo while lifting the weight and putting it down much faster, the cancer survivor controlled the barbell on the way down as well. “My knees and feet are feeling much better,” wrote the fitness enthusiast. On top of these benefits, there is another reason why he prefers circulation training.

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The pain got worse years after treatment

Six years after beating cancer, the pain got worse for Bill Maeda. Since 2018, the 55-year-old fitness fanatic has been dealing with the increased pain. However, Maeda hasn’t left any stone unturned to conquer his pain. “I started injecting BPC-157 and TB-500 peptides into my knees,” said the cancer survivor.

His goal through the treatment is to facilitate better circulation and promote healing. While the peptides have helped, Maeda also relies on training. Due to the injection and the hamstring injury, the bodybuilder isn’t lifting too heavy. However, when he isn’t injured, Bill Maeda lifts even more weight and controls the movement.


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While Bill Maeda had a tough hand, he survived cancer and turned to fitness. Hence, despite being 55 and dealing with constant pain, Maeda lives an active life. What do you think about his journey? Let us know in the comments.