Living With a Severe Food Allergy, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Showcases His Life at Food Festivals

Published Mar 5, 2024 | 12:19 PM EST

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Food festivals are a fun place to be and enjoy various types of foods. But they can be risky for someone who suffers from severe food allergies. Just like Joseph Baena, the son of former bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is suffering from severe nut allergies.

Living with a peanut allergy is very challenging in daily life because they have to avoid any nut-containing food despite its taste and aroma, which is a struggle of its own. Baena recently shared a video on his Instagram handle showcasing his challenges while eating at a food festival. 

POV of a nut-allergic person at a food festival


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In a recent video, Baena was seen at a food festival asking around every booth, “Are there any nuts?” highlighting the struggles you face being allergic to nuts. He was hesitating to try out new dishes because they contained nuts. He even had a close call by eating a dish containing nuts but luckily, he was stopped in time.


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A nut allergy is a severe food allergy that can leave you with life-threatening conditions. He made a hilarious remark through his caption, saying, “Here is your POV if you were to take me, a grown man with a severe nut allergy, to a food festival,” highlighting his struggles while dining out. 


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Baena was seen to be double-checking all the food items throughout the video. He enjoyed the meals that did not contain nuts. He then made an ironic comment about the food he had, saying,” The food was nuts!” Despite facing such a severe food allergy, Baena was also a chubby kid in his childhood. He shared his transformation journey on Instagram.

Baena’s transformation journey


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Baena uploaded a collage on Instagram of his childhood and adult selves. He captioned the image,” Times have changed,” highlighting the weight loss and physique transformation he has achieved with years of hard work.

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Arnold introduced Baena to the book Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, which changed the young Baena’s life. Since then, the young Baena has made it his goal to become fit and has taken inspiration from his dad. He hasn’t missed a single day at the gym, and he keeps giving updates to his fans and followers about his workout routine. Just like Arnie shares insights in his newsletters!


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Baena’s experience with nut allergies showcased the struggles faced by allergic people in their daily lives. Despite suffering from a food allergy, he never uses it as a reason to skip his gym routine. His hard work and unwavering dedication helped him transform from a chubby kid into a fit person.

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