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“Lot of People Say, ‘Oh, He Does Steroids’”: Shocking Backlash Against Chris Hemsworth for His Godly Physique Put to Rest by Expert

Published 09/27/2023, 6:15 AM EDT

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Chris Hemsworth has always been into sports and fitness. The Australian actor is an experienced surfer who has been riding the waves for decades. However, when Kenneth Branagh cast Hemsworth as Thor, the actor had to put on muscle to play the role. The Cabin in the Woods actor already had a lean and ripped frame, and putting on some muscle wasn’t difficult.

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However, in subsequent films, the actor has taken his physique to the next level. Gifted with good genetics, the MCU’s God of Thunder looked more muscular in each film. However, many fans lashed out at the actor’s godlike physique. Online bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts became convinced that Hemsworth used steroids. Vanity Fair published an exclusive excerpt from a new book in which an expert put the speculation to rest.

A clinical physical therapist gave his opinion on Chris Hemsworth


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Vanity Fair published an exclusive excerpt from the book MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios. The book, from authors Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzales, and Gavin Edwards, features Dr. Todd Schroeder’s take on steroid use in Hollywood. The director of the USC Clinical Exercise Research Center at the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy spoke about Hemsworth.

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Dr. Schroeder clarified that he hasn’t worked with any of the Marvel actors. Instead, he was speaking from his experience treating both natural and enhanced athletes. The clinical physical therapist had good things to say about the 40-year-old. “He’s always been in really good shape,” stated Dr. Schroeder.


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“His family, his genetics—they all, if they work out a little bit, they get in really good shape, and so he’s taken it to the next level,” added the expert. He also questioned online fitness and bodybuilding experts, who gave their verdicts based on watching videos and photographs. “A lot of people say, ‘Oh, he does steroids, for sure.'” Dr. Schroeder said in the excerpt Vanity Fair published.

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However, the physical therapist has a different opinion of Chris Hemsworth. “My opinion? I would say, ‘No, he does not.’ (use steroids)” he said about Hemsworth. The 40-year-old actor didn’t pay heed to the backlash and worked hard every time he appeared as the God of Thunder. However, he has different plans going forward.

The Thor actor won’t be bulking up for future projects


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The MCU actor was at his most muscular in Thor: Love and Thunder. However, while explaining his transformation in the Thor: Love and Thunder Assembled Disney+ documentary, Hemsworth said he doesn’t plan to get so muscular and get shredded for future Thor films. The 40-year-old explained he had put on more muscle for each iteration of Thor and then lost it for a different role.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old, but things just started to hurt more,” said the Australian. Besides age, the Extraction franchise star has also been diagnosed with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Hence, the actor is focused on health and wellness rather than looking shredded.


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What did you think about Dr. Schroeder’s take on Chris Hemsworth? Do you agree with him or do you believe the actor used steroids? Tell us in the comments.

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