“Men Are Brave”: ‘Crippled’ Teenager’s Posing Routine Leaves Fitness World Awe-Struck

Published 04/12/2024, 6:30 AM EDT

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No one knows what the cards hold for our lives; the same happened with a fitness influencer. Luke Jackson, an internet personality, has been making major strides toward fulfilling his ever-long dream of becoming a bodybuilder. Having suffered from an undiagnosed and incurable disease since his birth, Jackson defied all the odds and continued on his journey. 

The young bodybuilder is active on his social media and puts out physique updates regularly. Jackson recently posted a video on his Instagram account, lukamainia, showcasing how his fitness journey has unfolded.

Jackson showcases his posing skills


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The video showcased the young bodybuilder’s posing routine but with a twist. It started with visuals from Jackson’s childhood days when he required walking aids for movement. The video showcased his unwavering dedication and commitment to overcoming his disability and becoming a bodybuilder. 


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In the video, Jackson posed his exceptionally well-built physique in striking poses. He did the front double biceps, most muscular, rear lat, and bicep poses. He even captioned the post, “The only constant in life is change,” highlighting the unpredictable and ever-evolving nature of what he has gone through. 


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On top of achieving his dream physique, Jackson has grabbed a lot of attention in recent times. While he had around 60k followers on his Instagram in the past, now this has jumped to over 400k followers who always keep his morale up. On the other hand, after witnessing his posing routine, fans took to the comments section of the post shedding light on the inspiration they garnered from the young bodybuilder.

A fan called Jackson a “menace


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One follower highlighted what Jackson would have been if things were different and wrote, “God nerfed him cause he knew what a menace bro would be.” Another bashed all young people who make excuses for going to the gym and wrote, “Then what’s your excuse now!” Among these, one follower declared the young bodybuilder a perfect example of bravery and commented, “Perfect example of men are brave.”

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A fan was so impressed by Jackson that he wrote, “Should we bow?” Another commented on the young bodybuilder defeating his disabilities and commented, “Bro disable his disabilities” A fitness enthusiast was deeply inspired by Jackson and wrote, “Bro you are pure inspiration. Huge. Keep going.”


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As Jackson continues on his path to becoming a bodybuilder, his dedication comes across as a learning for those looking to pursue fitness. Do you also find motivation in the young bodybuilder? Let us know in the comments.

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