Everyone wants to increase the longevity of their lives, and people try every possible way to do so. If you’re one of those who wants to increase the longevity of their life, then you might be in for a treat.

Recently, in a video snippet from a podcast held on the YouTube channel Flagrant, the millionaire and biohacker Bryan Johnson revealed the four power laws that everybody has access to that increase your life expectancy. Let’s delve deeper into the powerlaws that can help you achieve the benefits Johnson has achieved to increase your life longevity.

What should be the correct BMI according to the power law?


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The millionaire started by giving straight-up warnings to smokers. He highlighted that smoking takes thirteen years from your life. On being asked a question,” What about occasional, like you you out at a bar once a week yeah is that still taking off 13 is the same as somebody who smokes daily.” The biohacker replied,” I don’t actually know what the quantity is yeah but I suspect it probably if the power laws probably just don’t smoke generally.

Moving on to the second power law, it is very basic and every person should follow it. Exercise six hours a week. Not only the biohacker, but everyone in the fitness industry stresses working out each day. The millionaire shared that the exercise routine depends on your chronological age. He shared the exercise pattern that the first exercise should set your heart rate around 120 to 160 bpm and have a duration of four and a half hours. The next should be around 90 minutes and your heart rate is above 160 bpm, depending on your chronological age.

The third power law is about making a huge change in your diet. The biohacker advised to follow a Mediterranean diet. The diet mainly focuses on adding a lot of green vegetables and avoiding junk foods. The fourth and most important law is maintaining a BMI of 18.5 to 22.5. The BMI always keeps a check on your health.

Not only does the biohacker emphasize opting for the Mediterranean diet, but the bodybuilding legend also spilled beans on the potential benefits of the diet.

Can the Mediterranean diet cure depression?


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In his newsletter, Arnold’s Pump Club, Arnie shared that research showed an outcome that can surprise everyone. Recent research suggests that a Mediterranean-style diet can help reduce symptoms of depression, wrote the Austrian Oak. He gave a meta-analysis of a study done on 1500 people with symptoms of depression. 

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The meta-analysis was from five different studies that showcased trying out different treatments for six to 48 weeks. Scientists concluded that the Mediterranean helps kill the bad bacteria and increases the good bacteria in the body, balancing signals in the body and helping reduce depression.


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Will you follow these four power laws shared by the millionaire to increase your longevity? Let us know in the comments.

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