Strongman Giant Brian Shaw Takes Help From a UFC Legend Before Fighting Against Fellow Strongmen in the Ring

Published Dec 8, 2023 | 5:16 AM EST

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Brian Shaw, a name that screams strongman brilliance. After making a formidable dent there, the former Strongman aka gentle giant Brian Shaw sought the knowledge of a two-time UFC champion in the heavyweight category. The two powerhouse athletes joined forces as Shaw prepared to fight in Mixed Martial Arts. The competition will take place in early 2024. Shaw is looking to ace the UFC frontier as well.

Shaw’s excitement is at its peak as he seeks help from professionals to prepare. This has led him to seek counsel from UFC phenom Frank Mir. He is ready to grasp and absorb the knowledge that the seasoned fighter has to offer. However, the champion remains active in the sports community, guiding other athletes.

Brian Shaw grapples with UFC wunderkind Frank Mir


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Evidently, In Brian Shaw’s latest YouTube video, Mir shares his grappling expertise with him. The training session began with Mir demonstrating takedown defense and submission techniques. They talked about how to do guillotine chokes, focusing on where to put the head and how strong the grip should be. He demonstrated different moves, such as high crotches and head-inside takedowns. These moves exemplify the complexities of ground fighting.


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Shaw wasn’t just listening; he actively performed the techniques to better absorb and learn from Mir’s competence. Furthermore, as they transitioned to ground control, the UFC champ revealed the secret behind effective chokes and joint locks. He illustrated the mechanism of various submissions, like guillotine choke, armbar, and Americana. After sharing the insights of fighting methods, he also talked about the mindset of an athlete during bouts.

He explained by quoting, “I’m like a thief and you’re in the house. You got four Windows you got to shut but you only shut three of them one window’s always open your job is to know what window opens up.” According to him, it’s important to have multiple ways to attack, so, it makes opponents discombobulated about your moves.

The unique blend of strength and technique

Shaw seemed to take it all in good stride. Mir taught the former Strongman some wrestling moves and techniques to control the challenger on the ground. Therefore, they explored positions like the head pinch and discussed being dominated during fights.


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In the end, the session concluded with the 44-year-old assisting in escaping and countering opponents, also the importance of smart moves and keeping jurisdiction over the other fighter. The video ended with Shaw’s determination and Mir’s guidance. This unique blend of strength and technique beguiles fans’ attention. The countdown for Shaw’s maiden performance is here.

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