Moments After the Premiere of His Latest Movie, $400 Million Worth Hollywood Star Mark Wahlberg Goes for an Early Morning Cold Plunge Session

Published Dec 16, 2023 | 6:30 AM EST

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Renowned Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg is often celebrated for sharing intense training videos. This time around, The Pain & Gain star raised eyebrows with a different kind of adventure. Just a few hours after the glitzy premiere of his film The Family Plan, he took the fitness world by surprise with a freezing plunge.

Despite being in his 50s, an age often deemed as a time when physical activity slows down, he continues to defy expectations, showcasing his unwavering dedication to fitness. Wahlberg, alongside his buddy and co-actor Anthony H. Thomas, delved into the invigorating cold plunge session.

Mark Wahlberg continues his cold plunge tradition 


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This latest feat adds to Wahlberg’s series of fitness adventures that captivate everyone and challenge stereotypes. His commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing discomfort is an inspiration for many as the star has been breaking the notion that age limits physical and mental vitality.


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In his latest reel video, Wahlberg captioned, “It’s different outside @bigace_productions doesn’t like it.” Wahlberg did mock his friend a little, but nevertheless, despite the chilly atmosphere, Wahlberg and his friend courageously took the cold plunge. Wahlberg endured the bath for six minutes, and his body seemed to have turned red afterward.


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While many stars might opt for post-event relaxation, Wahlberg and Thomas chose a different path. A few days ago, Wahlberg had showcased his dedication yet again, after sharing an intense workout session with fans.

Wahlberg promotes ‘hard work’ to achieve goals


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The Hollywood icon known for his incredible fitness goals, thrilled his fans with an astonishing leg-day workout routine. He shared a snippet on his Instagram account, showcasing his preference for HIIT training to maintain his shredded physique, with a significant time to recover and rest.

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In the caption, he had written, “Don’t take no for an answer no matter how stubborn they are HARD WORK.” His commitment to staying fit was evident in the rigorous gym sessions he completed even before many of us started our day. From lifting heavy weights to performing pull-ups, Wahlberg does anything that is required for him to maintain a strong and healthy body.


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What’s your take on his different approach to staying fit and promoting overall well-being? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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