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“Not Big Numbers for Such a Big Man”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Best Ever” Gym Lifts Brushed Aside by Reigning World’s Strongest Man

Published 11/18/2023, 11:38 PM EST

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Arnold Schwarzenegger might be famous for his bodybuilding exploits. However, bodybuilding overshadows one aspect of his strength sports career. The Austrian Oak, alongside Franco Columbu and others, pioneered powerlifting. Hence, many consider Arnold Schwarzenegger among the strongest bodybuilders of his time. However, the World’s Strongest Man champ, Mitchell Hooper, has a different opinion.

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Schwarzenegger became the first man to win the Mr. Olympia seven times. With a net worth of $450, the 76-year-old has contributed more to the sport than any other single bodybuilder. Hence, the True Lies actor continues to inspire all generations of strength sports athletes, including Mitchell Hooper. The strongman tried Arnie’s back and biceps routine in his quest to achieve an aesthetic physique. However, Hopper wasn’t impressed with Arnie’s gym stats despite the bodybuilder lifting a total of 2028 lbs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t strong enough?


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While an average person might feel a combined lifting total of 2028 lbs is huge, Mitchell Hooper doesn’t. Before starting with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back and biceps routine, the strongman looked at the Junior Mr. Europe’s “best ever” gym lifts. However, Hooper didn’t think they were impressive. “He did a 226 kilo (498 lbs) bench press which is very good,” said Hooper.

However, the 28-year-old champion strongman didn’t think Arnie squatted and deadlifted heavy enough. “247 kilos (544 lbs) squat, 322 (710 lbs) deadlift. Those are not big numbers for such a big man,” stated the 2022 WSM winner. However, Hooper did not comment on Arnie’s “125 kilo (275 lbs),” cheat curls. He also compared Arnie’s benchpress-to-squat weight difference with his.


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The 28-year-old strength highlighted that Schwarzenegger could squat 46 lbs more than he could bench press. Meanwhile, “Mine’s 130 kilos (286 lbs) higher than my bench,” said Hooper. However, the strongman did praise the five-time Mr. Universe’s bechpress numbers, especially considering Arnie weighed 250 lbs at his heaviest. Yet, Hooper was in for a surprise when comparing measurements.

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Mitchell Hooper couldn’t believe his eyes


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While the world’s strongest man might lift much heavier than Arnold Schwarzenegger did in his prime, the bodybuilding legend beat him in another aspect. Hooper pulled up some measurements to compare his body parts with Schwarzenegger’s. The Austrian had 22-inch biceps, 57-inch chest, 34-inch waist, 28.5-inch thighs and 20-inch calves.

However, despite being taller and heavier than Schwarzenegger, Hooper only beat the former Mr. Olympia’s chest and calf measurements. The 28-year-old has a 59-inch chest and 29-inch thighs. The strongman was so surprised he couldn’t accept it and pulled up another chart. While the second chart reduced Arnie’s measurements, Hooper’s 18-inch claves barely managed to edge out Schwarzenegger’s 17.75-inch calves in the second chart.


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While Arnold Schwarzenegger might not be as strong as Mitchell Hooper, strength training wasn’t his goal. Meanwhile, in bodybuilding, Schwarzenegger beat the 28-year-old’s measurements despite being shorter and significantly lighter.

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