Not Just Physically, but Nick Walker’s ‘Hamstring Tear’ Also Debilitated Him Mentally Before Mr. Olympia 2023. Here’s How

Published 11/09/2023, 11:04 AM EST

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Mr. Olympia 2023 concluded with outstanding results, but this year’s competition didn’t go as planned for everyone. Many bodybuilders withdrew their names before the contest. One of the more shocking moments was the last-minute exit of Nick Walker, who sadly backed out just a day before. This devastating announcement was not only hard for him but also for his fans and supporters who had hoped to see him crowned as the new champion. Despite not competing, The Mutant still attended the event, showing support for his fellow bodybuilders. However, Derek Lunsford dethroned Hadi Choopan in the final call-out and became the new champion in the Open Division.

Despite the setback he faced before the Olympia that forced him to quit this year’s competition, he showcased positivity. After losing the previous year to Persian Wolf and Lunsford, Walker maintained a positive attitude throughout the year. The question that arises is, what happened to Walker, and why did he exit from the prestigious contest in the world of bodybuilding? The answer is a formidable contender in the open Division tore his hamstring a few days before the Olympia.

The Mutant’s weekend at the Olympia


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This brutal incident didn’t just break him physically but mentally as well. The severity of this acute injury became evident when, instead of walking, he had to use a wheelchair. Walker shared a video on his YouTube channel updating his fans about his tough situation. He titled it, “MAKING THE BEST OF IT! | INSIDE MY OLYMPIA 2023 WEEKEND!” Although this was uploaded on November 9th. He first, announces exit on the Olympia page with a disheartening message.


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He discussed his bizarre condition and the treatment he’s undergoing to heal his torn hamstring. However, the bodybuilding beast is trying to stay focused and positive in this difficult time. He also expressed his mental situation and how he has been holding up.


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before delving into his emotional scar, he talked about his preparation for the Olympia, “I think this is probably my best prep to date. As far as just everything going the way it needed to. Um, but a few days or day or two before getting here, um, I actually tore my hamstring.” He explained the entire situation by saying, “Um, it seems to be uh partial tear, not luckily it, you know but it’s very bruised very inflamed and I seem to have some type of a knot in my other calf on the other leg so that’s affecting me flexing my entire leg.”

Nick Walker expressed his emotions about not being part of the Olympia

He highlighted the mental and emotional toll of the situation, “Um you know so, mentally it’s uh it’s been draining it’s been a little emotional um but I’m still here and I’m still pushing through as best as I can.” He added to his revelation, “I’m staying very hopeful um, it’s just hard cuz you know, I think uh mentally for me I was counted out this year. You know cuz I lost the Arnold and I knew what I was bringing to the stage this year and having this happen with such a beautiful prep has been um rough been a little hard for me.” He was so confident to win the show, as he mentioned that he knew what he was bringing to the stage.

While talking about his physical growth he said, “Arnold conditioning and Olympia fullness” The plan was certain but unfortunately it didn’t happen. During this video, the 29-year-old said that throughout the ordeal his girlfriend played a crucial role in keeping his spirits up.“Um you know and honestly if Maria wasn’t here I probably wouldn’t have come I’ll be honest but she has a way of keeping things positive and it’s helped me a lot,” said the American bodybuilder.

“Its So Sad to See Mutant Like This”: As Nick Walker Ends Up in Wheelchair Owing to Horrible Injury, Bodybuilding World Is Devastated

Moving forward, during the video he also mentioned his treatment, “BMF machine um he he he put the work in it was very painful um but you know Matt actually just sent me some before and after photos and the bruising is fading and now it’s red which is a good sign.” The 260 lbs beast is been slowly recovering from the injury. He is spreading positivity with his high spirit and remaining hopeful for a better outcome.

The bodybuilding community wishes him a quick recovery

He expressed hope that if he could recover soon, he could fly back home. According to the video, he is still in Orlando, Florida. THe The bodybuilding industry is praying for him and hoping for a quick recovery. The Serbian Bodybuilder and IFBB pro coach, Milos Sarcev shared a post on his Instagram account with a heart-melting message.


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The coach wrote in his caption about Walker, “Make no mistake about it – I absolutely LOVE this man. It is humanly impossible NOT to love @nick_walker39 – his mind, heart, and soul and everything that he represents. As his mom (president of Milos SARCEV’s hater’s club) told me – Nick is every bodybuilder’s bodybuilder. And she is right. I love you Nick ( and Mom) and if I can give you part of me to make you recover faster – it is already yours.”


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Even though, he put his whole heart and soul into preparing for Olympia had to quit last minute, what would do if you were in his situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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