Powerlifting Sensation Larry Wheels’ Chest Bleeding During Deadlift Leaves Fans in Awe: “Most Anabolic Man Alive”

Published Apr 12, 2024 | 7:15 AM EDT

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Even if you’re new to the fitness industry, there’s one name that you would have definitely heard for sure. The one and only Larry Wheels, widely known for his insane PRs. Wheels never fails to amaze his fans with extreme lifts, and he has repeated the same feat yet again. 

The powerlifter posted a video of him deadlifting 700 pounds on his Instagram account, doing ten reps of such immense weight, going beyond a previous lift of 675 pounds. While the beginning of the session seemed easy enough for Wheels as he proceeded further, it seemed progressively difficult.

Is Prime Wheels making a comeback?


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The powerlifter captioned the post, “700/320 x10 I started bleeding from my chest and face.” In the video, one could see how Wheels did five reps with ease. But as soon as he hit the sixth rep, he started bleeding from his chest. But the powerlifter didn’t give up and did the remaining four reps. Despite bleeding from the face and chest, Wheels completed all ten reps and broke the previous record he made last month. 


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Last month, Wheels was at Pomona College in Claremont when he lifted 675 pounds and did fourteen reps. This time, he added 25 pounds more. In the most recent video, one could definitely see the same energy in Wheels that he had when he set a record by deadlifting 855 pounds.


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While many Wheels fans speculated about the comeback of Prime Wheels in the comments section of the post, some even asked him to challenge a famous fitness influencer as well.

Fans question, “Where’s Anatoly“?


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A fan compared the powerlifter to the eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and wrote, “Reminds me of Ronnie Coleman.. wonder what the future holds!?” While another was left stunned after witnessing the lift and speculated, “God damn prime Larry is back ! ?” An admirer wants to know what the powerlifter’s next goal is and writes, “What is the goal now.

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A fitness enthusiast challenged the prankster and internet sensation Vladimir Shmondenko on behalf of Wheels, commenting, “Where’s Anatoly @vladimirshmondenko.” Another fan gave Wheels a new tag and commented, “Most anabolic man alive.” One of the fans commented on the powerlifter’s energy while lifting and wrote, “Mind. Blowing stuff this energy was unreal.


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As Wheels continues to impress the fitness community with his lifts, do you think we will see his past self making a comeback? Let us know in the comments.

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