Prime Mr. Olympia Contender Derek Lunsford Opens Up on His Wife’s Contribution Whilst Being Heavily Pregnant: “Brought Us Closer in Our Marriage”

Published Nov 2, 2023 | 1:32 PM EDT

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Derek Lunsford, the 2022 Olympia’s runner-up, is preparing for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, the year’s biggest event. He’s been working tirelessly to improve himself, with a clear goal in mind: winning the Mr. Olympia and unseating the current champion, Hadi Choopan. Lunsford’s not only focused on his physical training; he’s also strengthening his mental game and sharing his positive attitude and excitement with his fans.

Just to emerge as the new champion Lunsford didn’t even take part in the Arnold Classic this year, which is the second biggest event in the realm of bodybuilding. However, the day is near when the world will see who’s going to win. However, with his new and strong mindset, he recently expressed gratitude to his wife pregnant wife, Jhelsin Mabaga, and thanked her for being his biggest support.

Derek Lunsford showcasing his respect for his wife


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On 2nd November, OlympiaTV posted a video on their YouTube channel, along with Terrick El Guindy, Chris Cormier, and Derek Lunsford. El Guindy after praising his progress asked him “what was going on with him”. He explained his entire routine and expressed his feelings about his coach.


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After complimenting his coach, he moved forward and mentioned his wife’s name also revealing they are going to welcome their first child on New Year’s. “I also want to give praise to my wife she’s been a the backbone to all of this I mean she’s you know deep in being pregnant right now she we’re going to have our first child um January 1st.


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The Mass Monster continued praising his wife, “So, you would think that that would be you know hindering to the prep but actually has brought us closer in our marriage and actually having her has strengthened me in this prep. So, again a lot of good things a lot of have happened this year and definitely coming back much improved more than you’ve ever seen I promise you that.” He really showing confidence. However, in one of his Instagram posts, he wrote about his faith in god and destiny.

Lunsford believes in the divine’s plan

The 30-year-old bodybuilder believes that everything that happens in our life, whether good or bad, results from God’s plan. He shared his thoughts, saying, “Just grateful man grateful that we get to do what we love every day. All that is good comes from god that’s the thing, and when he blesses us, it’s a blessing from him it’s not something that we earned or we deserve.


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He’s grateful for life and really loves bodybuilding. In his latest video, he wants to inspire people to appreciate what they have, seize opportunities, and chase their dreams. He also says that if someone doesn’t achieve their dreams, there might be a bigger plan at play, and it’s important to believe in the journey.

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