Marlene Flower aka Granny Guns continues to inspire countless individuals, regardless of age. At 65, she remains a beacon of motivation, consistently advocating the mantra of “Keep going” despite the setbacks. In her latest social media post, Granny Guns passionately encourages people to embark on a positive transformation in 2024.

Rather than fixating on the conventional concept of New Year’s resolution, Granny emphasizes the significance of perseverance. According to her, the key lies in the journey, and whether you feel successful depends on how you see things and how much effort you put in. The grandmother says it’s okay if things don’t go as planned and that it’s normal for resolutions to not work at first.

Granny Gun’s wise words to people who are feeling demotivated


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She believes that, even if things go wrong initially, there’s an entire year ahead for redemption. She took to her Instagram and shared a message that many can resonate with while trying to stick to New Year’s resolutions. She also discusses the struggles of an average person attempting to adhere to their resolutions.


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She depicted how a normal person abandons their goals after initial failure. “I already messed up my resolution!” She encourages people not to lose hope and says, “It may take 6 months, It may take years, It may take you a decade, but remember this you’re gonna get it done.” The fitness influencer continued with her wisdom and said, “You’re going to get where you want to be but you have to keep going.” Her message is quite clear being strong and determined is important when trying to achieve the life you want.

She is not merely murmuring words to inspire people; in fact, her journey was filled with thorns. Being in an unsuccessful marriage twice shattered her self-confidence. But with the help of her son, she gathered her pieces and became a fitness influencer with hard work and determination. Surprisingly, she began her fitness journey at 58 in just seven years she obtained 665k followers on Instagram. In one of her posts, she shared an inspiring anecdote of how she became a fitness model.

Granny Guns inspired many with her own experiences


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According to her Instagram post, she said a year ago she excitedly shared her dream of being a fitness model. But many people said, “Don’t try” and she got rejected multiple times. Eventually, she did not stop trying and kept on going. It paid off when she began modeling for the fitness brand @youngla and @younglaforher.

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Even when things seemed too hard, she did not give up, instead, she kept going, despite facing criticism and challenges. The key is to stay strong and not let negativity bring you down. She emphasizes that if you have a dream, don’t let doubters stop you. Keep going, believe in yourself, and might surprise everyone by living your dream. Make 2024 your year with sheer dedication and determination.


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