“Put Stress on the Target Muscle”: Known for His High-Intensity Training Style, Dorian Yates Chooses Sides Amidst the Heated ‘Machines vs. Free Weights’ Debate

Published 12/07/2023, 11:49 PM EST

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In the bodybuilding community, people often argue about the best way to train. Every athlete has a different approach to training, but one question remains the same for everyone, whether they should train using machines or free weights. Dorian Yates, 6-time Mr Olympia recently busted some of the myths and explained his way of training.

DY Nutrition, the company owned by the six-time Mr. Olympia, shared a snippet of an interview, where Yates disclosed and dismissed the notion of superiority. After many years of practice and delving into different himself, Yates concluded the debate with his candid revelation.

Dorian Yates concluded the debate of old age question


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In an Instagram post shared by DY Nutrition, Yates was asked which is better for building muscles: free weights or machines? Everyone wanted to know which one is more powerful for making muscles bigger and helping athletes sculpt their bodies.



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In addition, despite choosing one side he simply addresses that the best way is to combine them. It’s like blending the power of machines with the natural feel of lifting free weights.“When training in the gym, use both of these tools as a way to put stress on the target muscle,” says Yates in the post. According to him, this mix creates the perfect balance for building a strong and well-defined physique. Because your body doesn’t know if you’re lifting a machine or a free weight. So, he suggests using both.

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He further added, that combining these it’s like getting the best from both sides, making a good and effective way to make muscles better. He advises people to “Train hard, train with intensity, train with a purpose!” Besides him, another bodybuilder has the same opinion and highly promotes training with a clear purpose.

Phil Heath suggests being mindful in the gym

A few days back, Phil Heath, shared a story on his Instagram account where he addressed the concerning situation in the gym. He advocated maintaining a positive and supportive environment while working out. Heath asked his followers to be mindful in the gym because it is essential to behave properly.


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The 7x Sandow trophy holder opined that if somebody is going to the gym, they should be focused and behave perfectly. He also advises working out with a purpose; don’t just go there. Furthermore, he said to stop using phones so much and instead focus on the workout.  It annoyed him the most.

The former bodybuilders shared their expressed perspective on what workout method is best and be mindful while working out to get the best results, without a purpose nothing would benefit.


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