“Rest in Heaven Sir”: Fans Mourn Loss of 26-YO Bodybuilder Who Got Killed by Wife During Heated Argument

Published 04/15/2024, 3:25 AM EDT

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John Dorsey once told Michael Chidozie that he would one day be an IFBB champion if he ever jumped ship from natural bodybuilding to “the dark side.” Chidozie’s reply? “I’m 26 now. Give it a few more years and then… maybe.” However, that “maybe,” that possibility of Chidozie becoming an IFBB professional will never come after what happened on March 21.

It all started with an argument between Chidozie and his wife, Keaiirra Shavoiyae. “They were just like every other couple who every now and again had issues, but I was expecting they would work it out,” said Francis Abah, a friend of Michael’s. But this argument escalated quickly. Per ABC13, during the fight, Keaiirra allegedly walked into the bedroom, and Michael followed her, making her fear for her safety. That’s when she took out her handgun and shot her husband. Four times.

Two shots to the torso, one to the arm, and the fourth to the chest. Shortly after, the 28-year-old mother of two took her kids and left their Houston house. A 911 call came in alerting police that they were frantic,” with Keaiirra running around and asking for help at a nearby parking lot. Once the police found her, she admitted to shooting her husband for her own safety. And when they reached their home, they found Michael shot but alive.


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The bodybuilder, a rising star in the fitness circuit, was taken to the Ben Taub Hospital for treatment. As he lingered on life support, ABC13 reported, “Court documents show the victim’s wife is facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge. Keaiirra is out on bond and awaiting her next court date on May 23.” On April 8, Michael Chidozie died of complications 18 days after the shooting. “I never would have thought something like that would happen,” said Abah.

What made this especially surprising for Abah was that they were never violent with each other. The family of four was a tight-knit group that was good friends of Abah’s family. “We just envisioned this whole big family get-together. It is very tragic. His exit was a painful one,” Abah said. After all this happened, a family member took in Michael and Keaiirra’s two children.


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The sport of bodybuilding has lost an immense talent at such a young age. Chidozie was a rising internet sensation with over 100,000 followers on Instagram and many more on his other social media platforms. He took pride in his Nigerian heritage and incredible natural physique. Chidozie utilized his passion and knowledge not just for his benefit but also to help several others with his training and workout plans. 

Michael Chidozie’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise $70,000 to lay him to rest as well as cover the impending court costs. They wrote, “It was always his dream to return to Nigeria one day, and we are committed to honoring his memory by fulfilling this final wish.” Just as the fitness community is coming together to help fulfill the 26-year-old’s wish, fans also showed their support on social media.

Michael Chidozie will “always be remembered” by the fitness community


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Considering the impact Michael Chidozie had in such a short time, the news about him being shot and subsequently hospitalized sent shockwaves through the fitness community. Before the announcement of his death, a fan hoped, Bruv, that news gotta be fake pls nooo…… pls stay alive pls man.” Unfortunately, he succumbed to a spinal injury, and now, everyone’s showing their support. Including fellow bodybuilders and trainers.

Celebrity trainer Carl Morrissette Jr. wrote, “Rest in peace, my friend. You were always a great supporter.” Joining him was Chris “Beastmode” Jones, who simply wrote, “RIP, brother.” And online fitness coach Danny Smith penned, “RIP my Brother!!! Will miss you, my Brother!!!” Along similar lines, a fan highlighted Chidozie’s talent, writing, “You’ll always be remembered, brother.”

Chidozie’s legacy will live on through stories from everyone he impacted in the fitness community. While one wrote, Rest In Heaven, sir, another recalled their memories together and commented, Rest In Peace. I’m going to miss you and all our moments together. I still can’t believe this is real.”


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On the GoFundMe page, his family wrote, “Chidozie’s kind heart, infectious laughter, and unwavering love for his family will forever be remembered and cherished by all who were fortunate enough to know him.” Reminiscing about an experience with him, a fan expressed, “Rest in peace, Michael. Blessed to podcast with you & greatly enjoyed our banter.”

May Michael Chidozie rest in peace. EssentiallySports extends heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.


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