Bodybuilding World Passes Harsh Verdict as 21-Year-Old Fitness Influencer Accused of Steroid Usage Goes Viral

Published 09/10/2023, 9:15 AM EDT

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Like everything else in the world, fitness has also, to some extent, gone online. With the rapid rise of fitness influencers on social media platforms, it rarely takes much time for a content creator to go viral. However, not all these content creators are praised by the bodybuilding and fitness community. This 21-year-old bodybuilder who blew up on the internet seemingly came out of nowhere and, within weeks, established an online presence with hundreds of thousands of followers. But now, there seems to be a chink in the armor.

Sam Sulek’s young age, coupled with his impressive physique, has attracted a lot of attention from the beginning. Sulek, who started his sports journey as a diver, however, has gained major traction within the community after talking about whether he was physically gifted or relied on steroids to boost his physique. On top of that, Sulek’s workout techniques and shocking diet plans have also led to debates among fitness enthusiasts. So when fitness YouTuber Paris Demers made a video on Sulek’s alleged steroid use, another debate ensued. And it wasn’t a pleasant one.

The contradictory results of Sam Sulek’s lifestyle

On September 7, the fitness YouTuber Paris Demers uploaded a YouTube short on the 21-year-old fitness influencer. According to Demers, Sulek allegedly exhibited some of the visual side effects of steroid use. “If someone decides to go on them, the smart thing to do is to make sure that they are training and diet are so well optimized for muscle building that they only need to take a relatively small dose of steroids to see amazing results.” Demers said in the video.


While Sulek has not admitted to taking steroids, fellow fitness influencers like DemersGreg Doucette, and more are convinced of his steroid use. In the video, Demers also added that Sulek’s “partial reps” and “ego lifting” in the gym do not match his gains.

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Further, as Greg Doucette had pointed out earlier, Demers also said that Sulek’s diet was less than ideal. “He followed a poorly constructed diet plan, made up of sugary and processed food,” said Paris Demers. However, the fitness YouTuber’s take on Sam Sulek sparked some interesting conversations in the comments section.

The bodybuilding community has mixed reactions to Sulek

Commenting on the video, most people agreed with Demers’s evaluation that the former diver has been using massive doses of steroids. Numerous bodybuilders like Jo Lindner aka. Joesthetics have lost their lives in the recent past, with many attributing the deaths to PED usage. Months before 30-year-old Lindner’s death, Arnold Schwarzenegger had warned against the usage of steroids. The bodybuilding community seemed to predict a similar fate for Sulek.

“Here for a good time not a long time,” one fan stated about Sulek. “RIP in advance,” said another, echoing a similar sentiment. One user even made a grim prediction. “Another death before age 27 unless he’s more careful and tones it down. I hope he does. This isn’t healthy,” they wrote. Not everyone agreed with Demers’s criticism of Sulek’s exercise technique. “He doesn’t only do partials you silly guy,” commented one fitness enthusiast.
Another user wrote a similar comment. “He does not only do partials,” the fan wrote. The fan also explained why Sulek does partial reps. “He does full reps until he gets to failure then does partials to go past failure,” he added.
What did you think of Paris Demers’ assessment of Sam Sulek? Do you agree or disagree with the fitness YouTuber? Tell us in the comments.


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