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“Steroids Did a Number on His Face”: Zac Efron Faces Fierce Scrutiny From Fitness World Over His Insanely Jacked Wrestler Avatar

Published 11/21/2023, 12:31 AM EST

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Former Disney teen superstar Zac Efron’s latest venture will be released in theaters in December. Audiences will witness Efron in a new avatar in the A24 production. The Baywatch star will portray wrestler Kevin Von Erich in the highly anticipated film among wrestling fans. However, to do justice to the real-life wrestler Kevin Von Erich, the fitness enthusiast had to undergo six months of intense training. 

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While the actor stays in shape, he found six months of wrestling training quite challenging. During an interview, a reporter asked Zac Efron about his bodybuilding transformation for Iron Claw. Efron admitted he put on a lot of muscle for the role. However, fans scrutinized his statement and speciated if he had resorted to PEDs.

Zac Efron chooses the tougher transformation


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In the clip, the interviewer asked the High School Musical actor about his bodybuilding transformation. He wanted to know if Efron had a tougher time training for Baywatch or Iron Claw. The 36-year-old actor said, “this was tougher man.” While Zac Efron had to put on muscle and get shredded, the hardest part of training for Baywatch was the bland diet. However, he had to do more Iron Claw.

Efron admitted he had to put on more muscle and weigh more for Iron Claw compared to Baywatch. In fact, the actor confessed that training for the upcoming wrestling film drove him “nuts.” When the reporter complimented Efron saying he looks “gigantic,” in the film, the actor joked, “The camera adds 10 lbs.” However, most fans were convinced he resorted to steroids and gave their verdict in the comments.


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The fitness community isn’t convinced


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One fan added to Efron’s joke. “The camera adds 10lbs, but the juice adds 50lbs,” the fan wrote in his sarcastic comment. “Man, those steroids did a number on his face,” commented another fitness enthusuast. However, Zac Efron’s facial structure changed because he had to undergo jaw reconstruction surgery. In a freak accident, the actor broke his jaw after slipping and hitting the corner of a granite fountain in his home.

However, the scrutiny continued. “Dude’s dancing around everything instead of just saying, ‘Yeah I took roids,'” one fan wrote. However, despite the scrutiny, some praised the actor for training to look the part. “No matter if he put in the needle or not to be that big in 6 months plus cut as it takes hard works and crazy discipline so all the respect…” one fan wrote. Another fan highlighted that Efron also had to learn to wrestle. “Not only did he have to bulk up more for this, but it had to be functional muscle,” wrote the fan.


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One can only speculate if the actor took steroids to portray one of the Von Erich brothers. However, he still had to undergo six months of grueling training to look the part.

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