Joseph Baena, the son of the seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a fitness icon among the young generation. Despite Baena being in real estate, everyone is stunned by the physique he has achieved naturally. Getting trained by big guns like Hany Rambod, the coach of five-time Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead, the Austrian Oak’s son has gained vast knowledge about fitness at such a young age.

Now this fitness knowledge bank he often uses to solve his fans’ fitness-related questions. Lately, he answered a most common question about how to finish a back workout. What did he suggest?

Opting for a basic exercise serves as a good finisher for your pull-day


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The son of seven-time Mr. Olympia recently posted a short video on his Instagram account after having a gruesome back workout. He did quite a few reps of pull-ups to finish his workout and wrote, “Love finishing off a good back workout with burnouts on the pull-up bar.” He further highlighted, “When in doubt, always stick with the basics!” Pull-ups have various benefits to doing them at the end of your workout.


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Well, Baena has a different corner for pull days in his workout regime. This will not be the first time the son of the Austrian Oak shares his pull-day-back exercises. Earlier, he posted a video clip of his workout, starting his pull-day workout on the Smith machine. Even Baena captioned the post, “Pull day vibes.” The young fitness enthusiast uses his superior genetics to the fullest and has carved out such an impressive physique. Not only his back but the whole upper body is fully developed.

The son of the Austrian Oak shed light on the fact that he “always start my back pump with pull-ups. An essential exercise for filling up the back and widening the lats!” The young fitness freak wrapped up his pull day with the close-grip pulldown, chest-supported rows, and barbell bicep curls.


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While Baena is very particular about his workout schedule, he has a very grounded side when it comes to inspiring fans who want to join him at the gym.

Joseph Baena’s down-to-earth personality was revealed when a fan made a special request

Despite his busy schedule and numerous travels, Baena never wavers in his dedication to his exercise regimen, demonstrating that hard effort has no bounds. Last month, he posted a montage to his Instagram feed that provided a glimpse into his rigorous training and posing routine. A strong message, “Consistency, effort, and dedication to your craft!” accompanied the Instagram post. However, the genuine magic transpired when a fan enthusiastically conveyed their wish to work together and receive training from Baena at Gold’s Gym.


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They said, “JOEEEEEEE can we go to the to the gym at Golds in a week and a bit? Gonna make it my goal.”  To this request, Joseph Baena’s grounded and down-to-earth personality and sincere love of physical exercise came out beautifully. In response, he wrote,“@nath.sports I’m there every morning.” The way Baena responded impressed his fans since it demonstrated his eagerness to interact with them and his affable side.

The son of the Austrian Oak has always advocated pulling days, and this time he also advised sticking to the basics to have a proper back-day finisher. After learning the potential benefits of pull-ups, will you add them to your workout regime? Let us know in the comments.