“The Ideal Classic Physique”: Natural Bodybuilding Veteran Flaunts His Unbelievably Shredded Form While Revealing His Secrets of Unique Physique

Published 06/11/2023, 4:00 PM EDT

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Famed bodybuilder and Natural Mr. Universe winner thrice, John Hansen, recently revealed the secret to his remarkable classic V-taper physique on Instagram. Recognized for his devotion to natural bodybuilding and impressive accomplishments, his interest in muscular physiques started with a childhood passion for superhero comic books. This passion then fueled his love for weightlifting and a drive to emulate the superheroes he looked up to. Consequently, the nutrition coach embarked on a journey that ultimately made him a renowned figure in the bodybuilding world.

Through diligently following his training and nutrition guidelines, the former IFBB pro successfully maintains an impressive physique that consistently inspires others in the bodybuilding community. His unwavering dedication, coupled with years of expertise, showcases the lasting and sustainable nature of a natural bodybuilding lifestyle.

John Hansen’s key to building a classic physique


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In his Instagram post, the 1998 Natural Olympia winner emphasized the importance of maintaining a 15-inch difference between the chest and waist for the ideal classic physique. Displaying his own achievements, he revealed his current measurements of a 48-inch chest and a 33-inch waist, perfectly embodying the coveted V-taper look.


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When interviewed by Simply Shredded, Hansen elaborated on his training philosophy. He emphasized the significance of utilizing basic exercises, aiming for 6-10 repetitions, and prioritizing free weights such as barbells and dumbbells over machines and cables. According to Hansen, this approach not only provides a better workout but also contributes to increased muscle mass and strength.


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John Hansen’s strict diet for a lean and defined look

Every week, the 60-year-old actively exercises each muscle group once, dedicating around four days to his workout routine. Even though he no longer competes professionally, maintaining his impressive physique remains a priority. As time passes, he adjusts the intensity of his training to accommodate his aging body, carefully considering his joints and lower back. Nevertheless, Hansen ensures that his workouts remain effective, focusing on maintenance rather than continuous size growth.

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In addition, Hansen’s eating habits have evolved over the years. During his competitive era, an off-season phase allowed him to enjoy high-calorie meals and carbohydrates while intensely training to gain mass. Approximately 12-16 weeks prior to competitions, he would initiate a strict diet for a lean and defined appearance. Presently, lean foods primarily make up his diet. He consumes a high protein intake of 300 grams, a moderate carbohydrate consumption of 120-200 grams, and a balanced amount of wholesome fats at 60-70 grams daily. Discipline governs Hansen’s eating routine, as he partakes in seven meals per day with three Optimum Nutrition protein drinks incorporated.

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