“There’s Just One Problem,”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Warns People About “Most Popular Knockoff Supplement” for Obesity in the Market

Published 06/28/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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Despite returning to acting and being busier than he has been in a while, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to dish out his daily newsletter. In the latest edition of Arnold’s Pump Club, the 75-year-old wrote about the fat loss drug taking over the fitness community. However, his true focus was to warn people about the “most popular knockoff supplement” that claims to have the same effect. The drug in question is Ozempic, and the bodybuilding icon raved about its success.

However, due to Ozempic’s unprecedented success in helping people lose weight and keep it off, it has become hard to obtain. Arnie warns supplement companies have noticed and are marketing a different compound as “Natures Ozempic.” While the marketing sounds catchy, the seven-time Mr. Olympia exposed its fad marketing through science.

Nature’s Ozempic gives a fraction of the real benefits


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Arnold Schwarzenegger begins the segment with the warning, “Buyer beware.” He explains that “nature’s ozempic,” AKA Berberine, won’t deliver the “knockout results” as the real weight loss drug. Arnold explains that people in the fitness community are eager to try ozempic. Even people who don’t need it are trying to get their hands on it, “sometimes illegally.”


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The 75-year-old warned supplement companies have noticed the demand and are marketing Berberine as an ozempic replacement. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two. “There’s just one problem. Berberine is nothing like Ozempic, not in how it works or the results it provides,” the former Mr. Olympia wrote in his newsletter.

Ozempic works like the home in the human body, responsible for shutting off cravings when the body feels full. “When combined with better habits and healthier eating, they are seeing unprecedented results,” he explained. Since people who become obese crave food, ozempic stops the cravings from helping them lose and keeps off the lost weight.

However, Berberine is a plant alkaloid. While research has shown it to be beneficial for controlling blood sugar, it doesn’t work like an appetite-suppressing hormone. “Even the most optimistic studies suggest berberine can support only a few pounds of weight loss over several months,” explained Arnie. While Berberine isn’t harmful, Schwarzenegger wants people to make an informed choice instead of an influenced one. This is also not the first time the former Mr. Universe warned his readers about a fad.

Arnold Schwarzenegger warned against paying a premium for water


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In February, the bodybuilding legend questioned another marketing campaign exaggerating the benefits of alkaline water. In his newsletter, Schwarzenegger warned people against giving into the fad of pricey alkaline water. These bottles of water promise to balance the body by helping it achieve 9.5 pH. However, Schwarzenegger asked, “what’s broken?”

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The seven-time Mr. Olympia said like all liquids, blood also has its pH. He also said that the human body is tough enough to regulate its pH. So even if someone has something acidic, the body can withstand it without the help of water, which costs up to $6 a bottle.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger is on a mission to help people reach their fitness potential and make healthy choices. Hence, he’ll continue to inform and empower his readers so they do not fall for marketing campaigns like Nature’s ozempic.


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