“This Kid Is Second Version of Liver King”: Viral Sam Sulek Infuriates Bodybuilding Community After Quoting Mike Mentzer

Published 01/17/2024, 12:02 AM EST

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21-year-old bodybuilding prodigy Sam Sulek is currently going viral on the internet. The former diver’s insane physique, quirky personality, and no-nonsense attitude have garnered millions of young fans. However, Golden Era bodybuilding legend Mike Mentzer’s fans, who make up a sizeable part of the bodybuilding community, didn’t appreciate the youngster being linked to their idol.

Sulek was recently featured in a video shared by a Mike Mentzer fan page. The bodybuilding fan page edited two clips of Sam Sulek and Mike Mentzer. In the video, the 21-year-old bodybuilder explained why too much volume might not be the optimal approach. Mentzer, who practiced High-Intensity training (HIT), disliked volume training. Hence, Sulek quoted him.

Sam Sulek wanted to get his point across


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“The point of bodybuilding… the lift itself isn’t an endurance test…” said Sam Sulek. The viral social media influence quoted Mentzer to drive his point home. However, the video added a clip of Mike Mentzer making the statement Sam Sulek quoted. “Bodybuilding is not aerobic. A bodybuilding workout in other words is not an endurance contest,” said Mentzer in the clip.


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The video then cuts back to the 21-year-old. He explained that junk volume doesn’t grow muscle and only wastes time. However, the former diver-turned-bodybuilder doesn’t agree with everything Mike Mentzer said about training. Previously, he disagreed with Mentzer’s preference of taking multiple rest days between training sessions. However, Sulek’s opinion on Mentzer’s mantra didn’t matter, as fans made their opinions clear about the content creator quoting the icon.


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The fans disregarded the 21-year-old 


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Most followers of the page didn’t want to hear anything Sulek had to say. “Can you remove this fake hormonal teenager from Mike Mentzer videos? This kid is the second version of Liver King,” said one fan, comparing him to the disgraced influencer“Sulek seems like a cool dude, but I am forced to disregard anything he says. Without roids, it’s irrelevant,” said another.

While one fan claimed that “Sam Sulek incorporating HIT will be one of the best of his generation,” others didn’t share the same feeling. One fan highlighted Sulek’s previous comment on rest days. “He talks like this but has no rest days, and does so many sets. It’s crazy,” responded one follower.

Another dismissed Sulek as someone who uses performance-enhancing d**gs. “So says the steroid user,” wrote the fan.


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While Mike Mentzer fans didn’t prefer Sam Sulek quoting Mike Mentzer, do you agree with the advice he gave? Write your thoughts in the comments.

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