The most anticipated Pro Show of 2024 just wrapped up with a blast, with bodybuilding icons showcasing a nerve-wracking performance on the stage. The New York Pro featured all the bodybuilding categories in the books of the IFBB Pro League except the Men’s Wheelchair and Fitness. Despite such competition unfolding, the spotlight was on the Open Division as it witnessed the comeback of former New York Pro winner Nick Walker.

All the athletes gave their best performances on the stage to secure their spots at the upcoming sixty-first anniversary of the Mr. Olympia stage. Nick Walker, aka the Mutant, won the Men’s Open physique title in a close battle with Martin Fritzwater. Not only did the Mutant have a close call for the title, but Afghan bodybuilder Ali Bilal also had a similar scenario in the Men’s Physique category. Along with them, the American bodybuilder Matthew Greggo also won his first-ever IFBB Pro title, placing first in Classic Physique. Now let’s delve deeper into the results and find out what happened at the New York Pro.

The wait for a much-anticipated comeback ends


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Adding another feather to his cap, The Mutant lifted the crown of the New York Pro Championship for the second time, securing his Olympia qualification. The battle for the crown was between Walker and Martin Fitzwater, and the judges had to make a hard call.

The judges mentioned that it was a one-point decision that changed the results, helping The Mutant triumph over Fitzwater. The second callout was also a blast between the former New York Pro Tonio Burton, who placed third this year, and last year’s runner-up Stuart Sutherland, who secured fourth place. Apart from these American bodybuilders, Polish bodybuilder Krystian Wolski secured fifth place. Let’s take a look at the standings of the Open Division.

  • First Place — Nick Walker
  • Second Place — Martin Fitzwater
  • Third Place — Tonio Burton
  • Fourth Place — Stuart Sutherland
  • Fifth Place — Krystian Wolski
  • Sixth Place — Quinton Eriya 
  • Seventh Place — Tim Budesheim 
  • Eighth Place — Angel Calderon Frias 
  • Ninth Place — Emir Omeragic 
  • Tenth Place — Justin Luis Rodriguez 

Matthew Greggo wins Classic Physique

The American bodybuilder Matthew Greggo lifted the title for the first time in his career. Greggo is among the few bodybuilders who switched their divisions, like the current Mr. Olympia Derek Lunsford. The American bodybuilder competed in Men’s Physique in his rookie years. Then he switched to the Classic Physique last year and placed fifth.  

The last callout was a fierce battle between the top four bodybuilders. The Brazilian bodybuilder Eric Lisboa emerged as the runner-up at the competition, with Dmytro Krazhan securing third place, leaving Bradley Pfeifer in fourth. Let’s take a look at the list of bodybuilders who brought up the top ten. 

  • First Place — Matthew Greggo
  • Second Place — Eric Lisboa
  • Third Place — Dmytro Krazhan
  • Fourth Place — Bradley Pfeifer
  • Fifth Place — Jerark Toribio Perez
  • Sixth Place — Camilo Diaz 
  • Seventh Place — Shicheng Jin 
  • Eighth Place — Lucas Giannini 
  • Ninth Place — Adam Thomas 
  • Tenth Place — Cleef Metellus 


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Ali Bilal dominates the Men’s Physique stage

Among the twenty-three top competitors, only one could emerge as the champion on the stage. Ali Bilal did the impossible and lifted the crown. Even though bodybuilding was not the first sport for the Afghan, he seems to be dominating the bodybuilding realm with his exceptional six-pack physique. Bilal even won the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique title back in 2022. With the New York Pro title, the bodybuilder now has a total of six IFBB Pro wins in his kitty.

Vitor Chaves, a Brazilian bodybuilder, was the runner-up in the Men’s Physique division. Chaves’s fellow countryman, Edvan Palmeira, secured third place. Andre Ferguson and Fabian Feber placed fourth and fifth, respectively. Now, let’s have a look at the rest of the standings.


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  • First Place— Ali Bilal
  • Second Place — Vitor Chaves
  • Third Place — Edvan Palmeira
  • Fourth Place — Andre Ferguson
  • Fifth Place — Fabian Feber
  • Sixth Place — Vinicius Mateus Viera Lima 
  • Seventh Place — Jordan Clark 
  • Eighth Place — Alessio Sbizzera 
  • Ninth Place — Tom Mcnamara 
  • Tenth Place — Maxim Golovatii 

After witnessing the results of the most-anticipated Pro Show, do you think the winners can do well at the Mr. Olympia? Will Walker redeem himself for missing out last year? Let us know in the comments below.