Arnold Schwarzenegger and Heather Milligan have been together for a decade. The couple first met in 2012 after the 76-year-old underwent shoulder surgery. Arnie had injured his shoulder while filming Escape Plan with Sylvester Stallone. His doctor had recommended Heather Milligan as the physical therapist for the former Governor.

The bodybuilding icon returned to acting after serving as the Governor of California for two terms and a disastrous separation from his wife. However, the former Mr. Olympia focused on moving forward and taking on further projects. Hence, getting back in shape was a must, and Heather Milligan got him back to fighting form. The pair hit it off during Arnie’s treatment and have been together since. Meanwhile, Milligan has continued to grow in her profession and is among the best at what she does.

Constantly testing herself


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Heather Milligan has been a physical therapist for 20 years. However, in these 20 years, the 49-year-old has constantly evolved her skills and expertise. Milligan founded Elite Orthosports, and most of her clients are athletes and celebrities. Besides having a Physical Therapy degree, Heather Milligan maintains three certifications to stay up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs in her field.

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Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Milligan also has a desire to learn more. Hence, despite having a degree, the Elite Orthosports founder underwent training to earn designations. The 49-year-old passed her tests to become a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT). Milligan earned her second certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS).

Arnie’s girlfriend is a dual-board certified and American Physical Therapy Association-recognized OCS. Milligan’s third certification designates her as a Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS). Milligan has maintained these certifications through constant learning and testing. Heather Milligan also has an added advantage that’s made her the choice for countless high-profile clients.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is part of a long list of high-profile clients


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Heather Milligan has many things in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger, including a background as an athlete. The 49-year-old had been a competitive gymnast for two decades before she became a full-time Physical Therapist. Being an athlete gives Milligan a different perspective toward active athletes that would otherwise be impossible to attain.

Hence, Milligan has treated some of the most high-profile athletes from different disciplines. The bodybuilding legend’s partner has treated athletes from various sports like boxing, MMA, NFL, NBA, MLB, tennis, and much more. Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger, she has treated MMA superstar Conor McGregor, NFL player Ramses Barden, and many more.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger recently spoke about Heather Milligan during an interview. During the interview, the 76-year-old admired her passion for work and drive to improve. Hence, it’s no surprise that Milligan is among the best Physical Therapists in the world.

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