While People Assume Bodybuilding Left Him in a Wheelchair, the ‘King’ Ronnie Coleman Makes a Surprising Confession About His Back Injury: “I Actually Hurt It Playing Football”

Published 11/17/2023, 10:38 PM EST

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Ronnie Coleman’s status as one of the bodybuilding GOATs remains unchallenged. But for the kids of today, it is hard to picture Coleman without acknowledging his severe injuries that hamper his ability to even walk. Many believe, his back injury was a result of intense workout sessions. But that’s not necessarily the case.

Recently, the former Mr. Olympia appeared on the Shawstrength Podcast along with the World’s Strongest Man on Earth, Brian Shaw, where he tells the truth about his back injury and how he actually got it.

Ronnie Coleman revealed he was passionate about football, not bodybuilding!


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The 59-year-old bodybuilder and Shaw engaged in an interesting conversation about Coleman’s remarkable journey. Before unfolding the truth about his injury, he shared that he always wanted to pursue a career in football, and he never wanted to become a bodybuilder. This is why he chose a totally different profession and became a cop in Texas.


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Moving on, Shaw curiously asked him about his journey, while answering Coleman confessed, “I never ever wanted to be a bodybuilder never ever and when I was uh in high in high school I was thought I was playing football.” He was preparing to become a pro footballer but fate had different plans as he mentioned in the video, “I look at it like everything happens, happens for a reason you know yep yeah God has a way of using other people to get you to do certain things.”

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It was during his college days that he got injured while playing football and despite seeking top-notch medical help, there wasn’t much Coleman could do there. “I did a lot of Chiropractic and people don’t know that my back uh you know bodybuilding but I actually hurt it playing football,” said the bodybuilding GOAT.
He eventually underwent many surgeries, but initially, he avoided seeking medical help due to competition. This wasn’t particularly a great idea as the severity of the injury eventually led to him using a wheelchair.


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Coleman’s realization of his age would make him stop working out

Coleman has taken to his Instagram and shared a snippet of his shoulder exercise, with a heartfelt caption, where he admits, “Still lifting those heavy a** weights after all these years. I’ll learn soon that I’m getting too old for this sh*t.”

He talked about taking a step back because now, whenever he tries to work out like he used to, he feels severe pain. He hinted that it was the right to give up on bodybuilding due to extreme shoulder pain. What do you think if the injury hadn’t occurred to Coleman, would he still have eventually become a bodybuilder? Let us know in the comments below.


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