Who Is Angie Feliciano? The Woman Jay Cutler Has Been Engaged to for 7 Years

Published 12/02/2023, 2:06 PM EST

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One of the most transparent athletes in the realm of bodybuilding, Jay Cutler, does not hesitate to talk about his relationship with his current partner, Angie Feliciano. Although he often shares pictures with her on his social media, little is known about Feliciano. Their online displays of affection have become more frequent on social media, yet details about their relationship remain secret.

On 28 November 2023, the four-time Mr. Olympia shared a video on his YouTube channel titled, “HOLIDAY WORKOUT SCHEDULE.” Before diving into the main topic of the video, Cutler and his partner shared glimpses of their seventh anniversary.

The couple celebrate the 7th anniversary of their engagement


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Cutler excitedly revealed, “So we celebrated seven years of dating yesterday and these are beautiful flowers.”Feliciano, along with other gifts also bought a $549 set of noise-cancelling Apple headphones. Afterward, she also revealed the gifts the 50-year-old bought for her.


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The fitness model showcased her luxurious gifts, saying, “Somebody went shopping for me.” Cutler and Feliciano’s relationship is going strong. They have been spotted attending events together. Recently, the couple was seen during the 2023 Mr. Olympia in Orlando, Florida. Their bond, however, is not just romantic; they both share a passion for fitness with Feliciano being an NPC competitor.

Jay Cutler soft-launched Angie Feliciano

Jay Cutler officially posted a picture of the two together in 2017. According to his Instagram page, days after he uploaded the first picture on 20th November 2017, in the next photo, in the same month, Angie Feliciano flaunted an engagement ring. Since then he started posting pictures of them together more frequently, especially on special occasions.


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After keeping it a secret for so long, Cutler finally opened up about how the couple met. In a recent episode of the ‘Cutler Cast’ podcast, he revealed that it was because of Snapchat that he got close to his girlfriend, Angie Feliciano. “I’d have to say I started dating because of Snapchat almost…so Snapchat like came up and said, Hey, would you like to follow this person? And we started following each other, and that was like our first outside communication from the time that we met,” Cutler disclosed. Since then, the couple has never separated. Little do we know about her, Feliciano, is originally from New Jersey and moved to Las Vegas in 2002.

Her journey from big corporations to an NPC athlete

Feliciano has been proactive since childhood, starting to work in a corporate company at the age of 14, where she assisted her mother. The company where her mother worked had a program for young people to learn and grow their careers. And so, she enrolled, while also helping her mother.

Her parents were concerned when she disclosed her desire to move to Las Vegas, as she was the youngest among three siblings. Eventually, they agreed, and she moved to Vegas. Throughout her career, she changed jobs several times, from working in Human Resources to tending the bar. She began working in a bar called Jack while maintaining her permanent job in the corporate sector. After two years of juggling between two jobs, she made up her mind and started working for the club permanently.

“Somebody Went Shopping”: Jay Cutler Receives $549 Worth Apple Device From Girlfriend on 7th Anniversary, Surprises Her With Multiple Presents in Return

Nonetheless, she explored the world of fitness and bodybuilding. This field intrigued her to achieve a toned and ripped physique, and she delved into intense training. Later, she became a fitness model and a professional bodybuilder, participating in many contests, including NPC. She now works at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas as a model and entertainer.

The couple embrace the little things

Besides their love interest, the couple shares many interests, the most important of which is their commitment to improving their health and physique.  The bodybuilding beast, now and then shares romantic posts with her partner. According to their social media appearance, they also love to travel a lot. Not only to the foreign countries but they also embrace their road trips in the State.


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During their third anniversary, the couple took a road trip to celebrate their love. Cutler uploaded a short clip on his Instagram, with a caption that read, “The One!! Happy Anniversary and a very Happy Valentine’s to my adventurous other 1/2 @angie_feliciano25”.  Socially calling her his better half.  The quad stomp still maintains a super-jacked physique in his fifties. It’s not only him, Feliciano too seems to be in the same boat.

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