“You Would Make a Great Young Conan”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bodybuilder Son Gets Compared to His Father Yet Again

Published Mar 19, 2024 | 2:18 AM EDT

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Seven-time Mr. Olympia winner Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena continues to make waves in the fitness world, drawing comparisons to his famous father once again. After his recent appearance at the Arnold Classic UK 2024, where he stole the show with his presence, Baena’s popularity seems to have intensified further.

Fans were excited; some even said Joseph Baena could star in a movie like his dad, playing young “Conan the Barbarian.” They were thrilled with the idea of him following Schwarzenegger’s path from bodybuilding to acting.

Joseph Baena had a remarkable time at the Arnold Classic UK


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Baena took to his Instagram and shared highlights from the event, expressing his gratitude for the experience. “Had an incredible weekend at the @arnoldexpouk! Here is the recap from my time here in the UK,” he wrote, showcasing his dedication to the sport and his commitment to representing brands like @youngla, which had a significant presence at the event.


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Before hitting the event, Baena made an appearance on Good Morning Britain, where he addressed the inevitable comparisons to his father. With humor and humility, he acknowledged the resemblance, quipping, “I mean, when it comes to resemblance and stuff, it’s always fun to poke at, you know, the look-alikes, but he’s my dad so of course we’re going to look somewhat alike.” The 25-year-old’s lighthearted approach to the topic showcased his ease with being in the spotlight and his appreciation for his father’s legacy.


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Beyond their physical similarities, Baena emphasized the bond they share as father and son, indicating that their connection runs deeper than mere genetics. As Baena continues to carve out his path in the fitness industry, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the young bodybuilder, taking to the post to talk about the same.

One sentiment echoes through social media: ‘Like father, like son’

Fans expressed hope that Joseph Baena has the potential to star in a movie as a young Conan, referencing his father Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic role. “Hope you enjoyed the UK bro. We waiting for that Son of Conan movie,” a comment read. “You would make a great young Conan,” another fan wrote.

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A user showcased their happiness in Baena’s involvement at the Arnold Classic UK 2024 and wrote, “What a beautiful experience!” His loyal fanbase expressed a little disappointment not seeing him on the stage, “Jeez Joseph Baena you were the only thing missing on this big stage.” One simply complimented him, saying, “Like father like son huh.”

Additionally, a few of them were surprised that there were no photos or interactions between Baena and his father during the event.“All that time and no picture or interaction with your dad?” noticed one fan. Fans expressed excitement about Joseph Baena’s potential in the fitness and acting worlds. With his impressive physique and talent, he’s poised to carve out his path, following in his father’s legendary footsteps.

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