“You’re at the Goat Level”: Years After Dethroning Legend Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler Gets His Due Title From the Bodybuilding World

Published 06/08/2023, 1:04 AM EDT

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Jay Cutler is an unforgettable name when it comes to elite athletes in the world of bodybuilding. From winning the Arnold Classic three times in a row to acquiring Mr. Olympia for four consecutive years, Cutler’s journey has inspired many bodybuilders. Cutler brings about a spirit of optimism with his story, making his fans admire the most about him. In a recent event, Cutler took to his TikTok platform and posted a motivational video featuring himself.

Jay Cutler quit competing in 2013 and has put more focus on strengthening and building his body. He also carries out several ventures with the help of his social media. Cutler’s content indeed acts as a source of motivation for his audience.

Cutler: The OG!


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In the TikTok video, he used a snippet from an on-stage Mr. Olympia competition where he is seen posing and flexing his body for the win. The video has his voiceover in the background, and the lines go as “You must increase the hunger level, the desperation level, and you must get more focused.”


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Cutler’s video reeks of positivity and motivation to thrive for one’s goals and achieve them as they belong to you. Not giving up even after coming second in the Mr. Olympia competition four years in a row and finally bagging the title in the fifth, screams of perseverance! 

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Cutler has a huge fanbase, and the level of inspiration he provides to each one of them is commendable. He is regarded as one of the Gods of bodybuilding, and people worship him. In his recent video, aimed at motivating the mass, his followers showered his video with love and appreciation. Let us find out what they have to speak about the man.

Cutler’s motivation amused fans

Many fans commented on Cutler’s post and regarded him as a top-notch inspiration in the fitness world. One of them said, “my idol for real”. Another conveying the same emotion commented, “legend 🥰”. Jay Cutler was also regarded as the best Olympian in his comments section. The best part was when one of his fans took to the comment section and said, “you’re at the goat level though.”


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Cutler has a fan following that is still loyal to him even after years of retiring. It is evident from a comment like this, “You are my favorite bodibuilder in the world I love your legs!” What do you think about the journey of the legend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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