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Bomb Threat at FIFA Congress

Bomb Threat at FIFA Congress

The FIFA Congress at Zurich has received a bomb threat, according to various local news sources.

Authorities were passed on the news around 11 AM local time, according to the spokesperson. FIFA also acknowledged the threat via the website handelszeitung.ch. Although the congress has been put to a halt as of now to indefinite time. Almost everyone was asked to leave the venue as a ‘clean up’ was required. Security had checked all baggage left unattended including those of journalists who were asked to leave the auditorium for an early and extended lunch.

The bomb threat was successfully cleared about 2 hours after the reports were passed on to the authorities.

FIFA’s presidential elections were on course to take place today, as many expect Sepp Blatter to continue his reign with a 5th consecutive term. However, he has been facing opposition from fans and people alike, who want him to step down ever since seeds of corruption were noticed after the 2104 FIFA World Cup. Even though FIFA conducted its own investigation, it did not satisfy the general population.

These bomb threats are also considered to be a simple technique to delay the voting procedure so as to gain some time, but the voting procedures are expected to proceed without any more scares sooner than expected. Also, Palestinian football supporters protest outside the meeting venue demanding Israel’s suspension from FIFA. Israeli media report that there hasn’t been any vote in the Congress to suspend their team.


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