Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

All twenty drivers on the 2018 grid other than Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen are out of contract at the end of the season. Reportedly, talks are going on between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, wherein he could possibly become the highest-paid British athlete.

However, no deals have been finalised as of yet, so speculations are rife about a move to a different team for Hamilton. But his teammate, Valtteri Bottas has claimed that he would love to have the Brit alongside him next season too.

Bottas said, “Of course, it would be nice that Lewis stays too, because I enjoy working with him. The fact that he has won four championships and none pushes me to outdo myself.”

“We work well together and that’s why I would rather stay with Lewis on this team.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton leads Vettel by 14 points

Lewis Hamilton is currently sitting pretty at the top of the drivers’ championship leading Ferrari’s Vettel by 14 points. But he knows that the title is still not in the bag. “It is definitely a three-way fight. Sebastien and Ferrari are still the strongest. Their car was quick in Monaco and their car has worked well all season so far”, said Hamilton.

“But it is a three-way battle and Red Bull potentially should have an engine upgrade at the next race and it will be interesting to see their performance, they will continue to get stronger through the year”, he added.

Bottas and Hamilton are surely a good fit for Mercedes and the Finn has arguably fared better, despite having no wins so far. Hamilton also has enough mutual respect for Bottas, going up to console him after the heart-wrenching manner in which victory was snatched from him in Azerbaijan.

It seems the duo do well work together and Mercedes will no doubt look to wrap up their driver deals as quickly as possible.


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